They go into all kinds of detail about what the woman he raped did to end up in jail. Like that excuses his raping her. Uh, men don't get to rape women, no matter what they do, unless the judicial system has moved over to corrective assault dungeons. Oh, that's right. They have.

This is from last week, but I missed it then. This is the guy who raped a woman in one of Canada's one federal women's prison (I believe it was at an Indigenous wellness camp). He got off bc of a "lack of evidence" meaning it was probably he said/she said and she wasn't a good witness or didn't want to be a witness. Who knows why, but he walks scot free to continue his "gender journey" at women's expense.

I'm really tired of this "never hit a woman" business. Depp said it too. It just implies they're hitting men, i guess. And that's not a defense against rape.

There is an old post in thisneverhappens about this guy too. And it's chilling, he's raping a bunch of inmates.

Yeah, men don't need to hit women or be physical in a way that leaves marks to rape, though I assume he's lying about that, too.

I had to go take a walk when I first read this article earlier because I got so pissed off, lol.

In my experience that means they do everything elae to abuse women but since they never "laid hands on her" theyre angels compared to those icky wife beaters.