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Particularly enjoyed the comment about our bodies looking easier to maintain as we have no junk between our legs. Yesssss because it's so much easier to maintain genitals that are mostly in than hanging out. No such thing as thrush, urinary tract infections or you know, fucking periods. Honestly it's like they think we're Barbie dolls. Smooth and pretty in the outside, with nothing on the inside.

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I've always found that particular kind of male stupidity fascinating.

Our bodies are so much more complex compared to men's bodies, but sexist men seem to have a massive blind spot about that. You'd think it would be obvious that a person factory is considerably more complex than a spunk factory, but somehow that goes right over their heads.

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Could you imagine not having a hormonal cycle and getting the privilege of feeling EXACTLY THE SAME EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE????

I think men have a hormonal cycle too, but obviously it's not related to periods:)) it's about the levels of testosterone and how they vary (i may be wrong tho, if someone knows more please chime in)