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The one comment from a woman who is outlining how men simply wanting to sleep with her doesn't mean her life is easier gets completely ignored so that OP can still claim victim-hood. It's ridiculous, like he didn't even read it and then continues to comment "but what about this one thing I have to deal with", and doesn't address anything she goes through. This isn't internalized misogyny, it's straight up misogyny. He couldn't give a shit what she says, he's never experienced it so clearly it must be easier than what he's going through. Good ol' "grass is greener" bs.

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I had a discussion with an incel once in which he said all my experiences of rape and assault were not as bad as him never having sex. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Did you see OP say this???

Elaborate?? “Women can make money from their body but men have way more opportunities for success”. What do you mean by that. Everything a man can do career wise a woman can do the same thing.

He's a misogynist AND completely deluded at the same time.