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I love how the woman that said if you think you are a woman because being a woman is easier, you will regret your choice just got mansplained about how she was wrong. Being a woman is in no way easier. How could it be? Women have a more complicated reproductive system, meaning we are the ones that experience periods and all the pain that goes along with them, pregancy and childbirth. Sex is also a lot more risky for us then men, and acting like it is somehow a privilidge to be considered the sex class drives me insane. Women are also physically weaker then men. I am so tired of men complaining about being physically stronger, because women ask them to help them lift stuff. Poor you. I despise the fact that I am physically weaker, and if I could take steroids safely I totally would. Women are also thought of as being less competent and have to fight our way into being taken seriously. Men are not, and have never experienced sexism for being men. Women being wary of men for their own safety is not misandry.

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Plus the world physically isn't built for us. Look at seat belts.