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Particularly enjoyed the comment about our bodies looking easier to maintain as we have no junk between our legs. Yesssss because it's so much easier to maintain genitals that are mostly in than hanging out. No such thing as thrush, urinary tract infections or you know, fucking periods. Honestly it's like they think we're Barbie dolls. Smooth and pretty in the outside, with nothing on the inside.

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Lol not to mention the societal expectations of shaving, waxing, plucking, moisturizing, makeup application and removal, managing long hair, having to work harder to lose weight or keep it off on top of non optional biological functions like menstruation, higher risk of UTIs, breasts and their complications etc.

Also it’s not hard to clean your dick and ass, guys. Even the grungiest of men I’ve been with know to, bare minimum, wash up and brush their teeth before getting intimate.