So I guess I agree with u/sugabelly. trans women are not a subset of women...they aren't women in any capacity. True. The post lays out why its bad to use the word "woman" and "man" in any other terms than biological sex. Words matter.

tbf, the OP is sort of obnoxiously uneducated. Yes, words do change definition. And no, not all adjectives are subsective.

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So the solution is to make females into a subset of women who Menstruate or own uteruses, or whatever.

This means TiMs have the stronghold on Womanhood. They're women all the time, and females are only permitted to be women when it doesn't exclude others

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Lol in the comments. "But words change all the time!"

Preach it sister. Every time I talk about how cute my house is, everyone ooh's and aah's along with me. But then they get confused when I talk about taking my house for a walk. Morons just can't keep up with how language naturally changes, smh.

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Words tend to change slowly, over time... not because a band of activists beat everyone in the head with it. lmao

Also, words like women and men are such basic ass words that need to mean precisely what they do because it's so integral to the human experience. It's not like 'nonplussed' which everyone misunderstands and has begun to mean the opposite of what it used to.

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Get the bot instructing the OP to post this as an "unpopular opinion."

It's not in the slightest bit unpopular. The mass majority of human beings agree with it. Only in the warped world of reddit is the massively popular labeled "unpopular."