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I unfollowed NPR today. I can't view it as a news source with integrity.

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I stopped my monthly pledge a couple of months ago because of an NPR article that used "menstruator" or something similarly dehumanizing. It finally pushed me over the edge with them. They've really dropped the ball on this issue, and I just can't support anyone who peddles in misogyny and lies to push an agenda (looking at you, too, ACLU).

The absolute irony of this article being used to promote a political stance while stating it's "not a political issue" in the title.

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I had stopped listening during the Trump administration due to ‘both-sideism’, but continued my pledge because I do believe public radio is important. Started back listening, heard a reporter say ‘cisgender’ and will never listen again. This time I stopped my pledge.

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I'm not trying to be one of those "before it was cool" people, but I got reeeeally sick of NPR during the election in '16 when I started assiduously diversifying my news coverage. And not because I was pro Trump! Then they turned their racism reporting up to 11. They are just spoon-feeding their wokie audience constantly now. I still subscribe to Pop Culture Happy Hour but I skip a lot of episodes because I don't care to celebrate some old movie while spending half the time on how problematic it is. Doi, we know.