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Notice it's always framed as poor widdle trans being denied something by big bad Wepubwicans. It's NEVER reported as safeguarding children. And how dare he pull the "health care for LGBTQ" --- there's only ONE letter there that is creating huge problems. How dare he or anyone lump LGB in with T. They're not asking for dangerous drugs or mutilating surgeries.

This narcissistic man is a danger to children and women.

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Hold the phone. “Maybe their therapist”?

So basically all therapists have been forced into accepting the affirmation model, but he doesn’t think therapists should be involved—therapists who might be able to say “this child is dealing with complex feelings regarding ______ or may have _______, and maybe transition should be postponed until those are addressed”. Those pesky therapists and what little ability they have to safeguard left.

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