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I really don't know why I'd ever think NYT would publish something like this without being deadly serious, but based on the title alone, I was 100% certain it was going to be satirical.

The gist:

  • Woman who calls herself "Mx" is sad that the stupid global pandemic has resulted in not enough people being able to call her stunning and brave after (surely! because we all care) notising the effects of her new cross-sex hormone regime

  • Woman seeks comment from LCSW whose client base is 85% "trans youth," a/k/a vegan cats. LCSW says her mostly wealthy, mostly white clients have felt better during the pandemic because staying inside and staring at screens all day guarantees they won't be murdered by marauding terves

  • The LCSW's website is genderspecialist dot com l o l

  • Quote regarding a teenage boy who wants to be called a girl: "What we're seeing is someone who finally isn’t having all of their space in their head taken up by worrying about their safety, worrying about other people's perceptions of them." 🎶 one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong 🎶

  • I mean sure, most teenagers are mildly to majorly narcissistic and obsessed with self-monitoring, but trans-identifying teens are doing it for much nobler reasons than, you know. the other kind of teens, the kind that don't get NYT articles written about them, praising their budding narcissism? /whispers/ the boring ones?

  • Man who calls himself "Mx" gets a "gender-affirming breast augmentation" because of peer pressure, then follows up with a "gender-affirming Brazilian butt lift" (yes, seriously) ~just for himself~ as a measure of true bodily autonomy

  • Trans people are currently under "terrifying attack" in part because of legislation that prevents minors from pursuing medical transition, which I thought we'd all agreed was something that never even happened in the first place, uh, anyway, look over there

  • Reminder: testosterone is cool, not remotely dangerous, it just makes you get acne, lose your hair, and maybe get respected more, and this is definitely not the embodiment of end stage capitalism, it's all just freedom and individuality and JOY

  • Zero attempts to answer or even handwave at the question posed by the title of the article, a fine job as always by the U.S. newspaper of record

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There's an Ovarit thread on this with a lot of good comments! https://www.ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/26009/so-very-very-close-to-getting-it

The response in the comments on the NYT site is extremely heartening. They've finally closed them, but there was NO support for Mx's worldview there.

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Haha. Yes! My heart also warms when I see a comment section consensus lean towards reality rather than cult speak

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Same thing with a story about kids and puberty blockers on the NY Times a few days ago. 90% of the comments were against it.

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I would warn the OP of this thread that I had a similar post (news article, my own title for the post) deleted by an admin (21 comments in) because I had "editorialized" the news' headline in the title.

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Oh, the comments on that article are amazing! This one was my favorite:

"I respectfully suggest that all the 'non-binary gender signalling' one might be missing is because fundamentally, it's a bid for attention. 'If no one is watching my gender signalling, who am I?' is a clue."

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A BBL is a 'gender affirming surgery? ' Everyone has a butt!

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Someone noted in the comments section that it's difficult/impossible to divorce getting a Brazilian butt lift as a matter of affirming gender, from the misogyny that makes a Brazilian butt lift a procedure associated with women -- because, yep, everybody has a butt, but only one sex is generally expected to augment it and/or other body parts (that they cannot always even see without effort btw, as in the case of one's own butt) to please the other sex.

[–] Jade 15 points (+15|-0) Edited

misogyny AND sexually objectifying and fetichizing Brazilian women. Take it from one, who's experienced countless times "hilarious" dudes asking where I'm from, hearing the answer, proceeding to grab me by the arm or the waist to TURN ME AROUND (or just bend to look at my butt), deem it's not big enough for them, and say "naaaah, you're lying".

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to TURN ME AROUND (or just bend to look at my butt),

My eyes opened so wide I could see next week. Or month.

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and undergo a procedure that is the deadliest of all cosmetic surgeries and declare is "empowering" and gives a confidence boost

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How do these people manage to tie their shoes? They give off such a weak, helpless, pathetic vibe. It doesn't engender sympathy. It's more like, you need to stop being a brat and get on with life like human being have been doing for thousands of years. This is the most privileged piece of writing I think I've ever read. Everyone is turning into a narc.

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The more they explain themselves, the more obvious it becomes to the general public. Keep talking, TRAs! Every TERF peaked by listening to you!

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The comments are priceless. I could barely find one that was sympathetic. haha!

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I think their commenters skew older as they often seem oblivious to challenges faced by any generation younger than baby boomers, but are generally reliable for coming out in force and saying "this is nonsense" if something is nonsense. Fortunately, for now, their moderators allow it.

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The author says COVID lockdowns mean she's spent the last year

No longer on the alert for how to signal a restaurant’s waitstaff that neither “he” nor “she” applied to me, or for whether colleagues and neighbors would use the right language

Once again, the focus of so many gender cultists is on trying to control how others perceive them, and on placing additional burdens on working people in low-paying customer service jobs like wait staff, cashiers, sales clerks and security guards.

Just two years ago, the same author, who has a faculty position at Bowdoin College and probably has never done "lowly" service work, wrote another whiny, me-me-me NYT op-ed about how the TSA - and the very idea of airline security - is oppressive and unduly invasive to "enby masc trans" folx. I recall very distinctly how the author drew attention to her "fade" and was convinced that the whole world is always starting at her for the purpose of giving her side-eye and being mean & discriminatory to her.

The TSA piece didn't go over well either. Lots of commenters pointed out that no one finds airport security pleasant - and that it poses particular issues for those with artificial limbs, leg/arm braces and medical devices such as insulin & medication pumps, pacemakers, defibrillator implants, colostomy bags, PIC lines, etc. But, they also pointed out, most people put up with the inconvenience and occasional affront to privacy & dignity that security checks involve coz preventing airline hijackings & bombings is in everyone's best interests.


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Like Tinkerbell, TRAs believe they will instantly wither and die unless we clap our hands and affirm their existence.

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So gender is performative? If no one is watching, there is no gender? I can't pull up the comments, but I heard they are very much in line with us, which is very encouraging.

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