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Someone noted in the comments section that it's difficult/impossible to divorce getting a Brazilian butt lift as a matter of affirming gender, from the misogyny that makes a Brazilian butt lift a procedure associated with women -- because, yep, everybody has a butt, but only one sex is generally expected to augment it and/or other body parts (that they cannot always even see without effort btw, as in the case of one's own butt) to please the other sex.

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misogyny AND sexually objectifying and fetichizing Brazilian women. Take it from one, who's experienced countless times "hilarious" dudes asking where I'm from, hearing the answer, proceeding to grab me by the arm or the waist to TURN ME AROUND (or just bend to look at my butt), deem it's not big enough for them, and say "naaaah, you're lying".

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to TURN ME AROUND (or just bend to look at my butt),

My eyes opened so wide I could see next week. Or month.