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My autism is not an identity and it is not a shield to hide your fetish behind. Attaching transgenderism to autism doesn't turn your autogynephilia into an innocent brain wiring difference. Autism isn't a paraphilia or a mental illness, and anyone who suggests autism and transgenderism have any link beyond social contagion is abhorrent.

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Autism only has a link to this due to the movement preying on us. Feminine social norms are a burden to anyone, but doubly so for autistic girls; bras, tight clothes, make up, social norms.... they said autistic girls act like boys because we so often chose not to perform femininity. Now they just say we ARE boys.

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Insanity. Autistic people might be vulnerable to this cult but I've met quite a few who see right through it.

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Is like, wow, what a coincidence! Maybe there is a link...?

Edit: not to disparage autistic people of course! But autistic youth do have a higher pervalance of falling into this cult

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TRA positions are the opposite of logic & reason so there are probably many like me who could never side with the cult.