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Who told you you could have what's mine And redefine the line between your sex and mine. Who told you you could have my rights and that I had to play nice as you guys get in my face and tell me I have no place. I'm from the streets we don't play nice, we tell it to you straight when you ant right I don’t got time for this biology beef I gotta worry about my family & how we gonna eat Bruv you ant like me you come from the world above, but don't get me wrong I will show you love if you know your place & that place is far far away from my single sex space. You say you’re a women coz your feelings say so, well guess what your cock & balls they show, every time we say No You ain’t one of us, you rage & complain & try to change the game to make us feel shame Well that don't work with me , coz I don't give a shit about some mans fuckery Come step to me I'll go toe to toe I won't let this go I'll take it to the streets my sister's and me & you will see just how strong we can be In the this face of this tyranny that says a man is the same as we. You think I'm afraid of you? you must be mad you don't know the life I’ve had Growing up as a girl trying to dodge the hands of the dirty man on the street as he reaches for me Now flip forward 20yrs and what do I see? That's same dirty man saying he's the same as me No fucking way will I let that stand, I am a women you are a scam. And I don't give a fuck if I come across rude now let me list the things I won't do I will not be silenced by your male pattern violence I will not give up my rights just so I seem nice I will not call a man she, I absolutely refuse to take that knee. Now let me go before I get to deep and start cracking jokes about your size 14 feet & that busted weave your big old hands and that stubble on your cheek that shows you’re a man Oh did I hurt your feeling by telling the truth ? Get use to it bruz coz from this position I will never move

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You think I'm afraid of you? you must be mad you don't know the life I’ve had Growing up as a girl trying to dodge the hands of the dirty man on the street as he reaches for me Now flip forward 20yrs and what do I see? That's same dirty man saying he's the same as me

YEP. We have experience with this. That’s why we have tones that ridicule, dismiss, and debate against them. We bring up actual arguments and not just troll logic and not just cherry-picked easy shots. We’ve been threatened by men and we understand how men think when they’re enraged. The reason they’re so unhinged and violent toward us is because they don’t have any idea how to deal with actually being challenged by a woman, or being made to feel stupid or wrong by a woman. So they default to the standard male response— complete intolerance and destruction of the threat.

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Ah, she is magnificent. I felt the spirit of Magdalene Berns a little bit too. I miss her.

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That was fucking FIRE!! Ooooh, gave me goosebumps. They will not succeed in silencing us. We are powerful and so is the truth.

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Her second poem is incredible too:

Do not question my femininity

I am the female , I am the feminine It flows within me like the river to the sea It flows within me like the power of ice down a valley It flows like larva creating new worlds, new life from the power of me. Do not twist my feminine to mean shaved & preened & squeezed & tucked, pushed up & plucked & dyed & make up'd

My pain is not meant to please you My pain does not set me free It binds me like the corset & heels the symbols given to me to be who I am but that is not who I am that is your version your corruption of my feminine

I am life I am blood I am rage, I am a million screams of a million women beaten into silence by your rules & restrictions. I am rape, FGM ,infanticide, I am the witch you burnt at the stake I am the might be a witch you drowned in the lake I am the one you bought & sold for your pleasure l am rage

I am the mother the daughter the sister the aunt the grandmother and wife I am the alpha and omega of life. You call me weak yet I am the power of creation, I am the bedrock of family and civilisation I have raised the world in my womb. You have life because I gave it to you.

I am foot binding, I am menstruation huts I am a prisoner in my own home I am the one stoned to death when it was you who violated me I am honour killings,child brides and forced marriage I am the rage of a million dreams unlived I am rage

I am the denial of a education I am the denial of my abilities I am "what was she wearing" I am "how much did she drink" I am "she was asking for it. I am trafficked``````

I am a sex industry slave I am not empowered by it I am shamed for using my breasts to feed my baby I am praised for using my breasts for page 3 I am rage

I am the one who had to die for my rights I am the one who still does not have those rights I am mocked because I bleed I am the body parts

I am the breasts, the lips legs and arse used to sell you aftershave and fast cars I am pain overlooked and symptoms ignored I am the goddess your holy book forgot to include I am the history not taught I am a scarlet letter, l am the fallen women I am the magdalene laundry captive I am domestic violence

I am revenge porn I am stalked I am the other end of your wolf whistle I am told its a compliment I am told to smile I am rage

I am a link in the chain of suffering and pain that stretches back to my birthing of this world I am the meaning of the word survivor I am the incarnation of all you wish you could be I am the power, I am the warrior I am the protector and provider I am an unstoppable force I am the force you underestimated I am the force you can never understand I am She

And that's why you corrupt what is mine the sacred feminin and holy divine You fear the day I rise up You fear the day I say enough is enough You fear that I will do to you what has been done to us!