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1) “Trans” males do exactly that. You are men are paedophiles.

2) If girls are hypersexual it’s because they have been abused.

3) You are a nonce and deserve to be in men’s prison.

Worth noting: attacking the "purity" of rape victims is an age-old tactic for bad men. And if little girls can't get tattoos or vote, they certainly can't meaningfully consent to sex, even if the man in question is wearing lipstick.

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So sayeth Princess Alok, the one true princess to rule them all.

Did this grown man just say little girls are...kinky??!? 🤮🤮🤮

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This dude: Trans people aren't going to rape little girls in bathrooms! Oh btw did you know that little girls are totes kinky and deviant? I think about the sexuality of little girls a lot! Just ask me about my thoughts on The Exorcist! Anyway, I know all about being a little girl from all the times I've masturbated while pretending to be one, which is exactly the same as really being a little girl, and I can tell you, little girls are absolutely gagging for it. So now do you see how stupid it is to think that trans people are going to rape little girls in bathrooms? If anything, little girls are going to rape me.

Counterpoint... true princesses were routinely raped and sold into marriage.

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Meme/image content should go in /o/Radfemmery, as a rule. Just letting you know for next time.

Is this person actually using the argument that because "girls are kinky" (WTF?!), TIMs have the right to go into the bathrooms and abuse them? Is that actually what this says?

From what I understand, children do have a sexuality, but it's incomplete/ still being created, just like the children themselves are. Adults should never be involved in a child's sexuality in any way, and anyone who thinks they should is a PEDOPHILE. This is insane.

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