Every damn legacy media outlet should be doing "undercover reports" on the sexual child abuse going on in these "gender clinics" -- but not a single one is.

Normally the legacy media LIKE "scare" stories. "Could another TEN MILLION people die from the virus before May? The worst may lay ahead!" Media LOVES that stuff.

Yet they are ignoring this truly terrifying trend entirely. In fact, they are running interference for it. "Bigoted Republicans push bill to strip transchildren of their rights! Right-wing extremists call for vulnerable transchildren to be banned from receiving education. Transchildren fall victim to yet another hate bill introduced by Republicans."

Where is the media cry of "Mentally ill mothers are having their children sexually mutilated and it's all legal. How your schools and doctors are trying to destroy your children with drugs and surgery in a growing Gender Extremism Cult -- coming up!" Where's that????

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Damn. You nailed it. Where tf is the sensationalist 24h news media coverage of this

Won't be long before they start doing this, but it'll be right wing media in the US.

I keep thinking this with stories like Rob Hoogland as well as gender clinics. Why isn't this front page news? If it was, the outrage would be uncontrollable. And everyone knows it.

Where is the media cry of "Mentally ill mothers are having their children sexually mutilated and it's all legal.

Shit. When it DOES start coming out, they are totally going to blame the mothers, aren't they?

Of course. For sons, it'll be because mothers were too feminine with them and for daughters, it'll be that they wanted them to be too perfect, too pretty and too accomplished.


There'll be no recognition that male childhood transition so often seems to be a mother's response to her own inability to stop her husband (and other boys, and patriarchal society) from harming her son with their intractable illusions of masculinity.

And if that is acknowledged, she'll be blamed for choosing the husband over the son, every time.

Yep, and if someone on Ovarit is already doing it, it doesn't bode well for the rest of the media. Sucks that everything is always the woman's fault :(

Concentration of the media.

I remember a professor of mine railing about this twenty years ago. Pointing out that certain companies were buying up more and more of their competitiors, and then being bought up by even larger companies. All papers have an editorial bent, but now they functionally all share the same three editors. So there is no diversity in opinion from newspapers, no contrarian voices (unless purchased as a deliberate contrarian view). No need for investigative reporting (which costs money anyway).

It's nearly state-run media at this point, like Communist China has. "Here's what you will all believe and parrot back" rather than any challenging ideas or investigative journalism.

Funny how the Woke embrace total corporate conformity dictated to them while at the same time believing they're the oppressed minority.

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Not just children but GAY / AUTISTIC children much of the time. Where's our voice these days?

I should be surprised by this but I'm not. I'm waiting for the inevitable demonizing of this woman for pretending to be a child in crisis and how great this all is.

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They’re already calling her a liar and telling her to stfu

Sigh. Of course. It's impossible this happens, all the damn time.

While I've had serious concerns regarding Project Veritas and some of their focus, they've faced the same gaslighting despite clear video evidence. I don't know what needs to be done to illuminate people that regardless of country, irrespective of political belief or alignment, things like the exploitation of youth is WRONG.

Pretending to be a child? But what if she's trans-age?

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HAH! That's phenomenal. I keep forgetting transracial is a thing or that perves like the transage pervert who says he's a "little" and is little 5 year old girl exists.

Maybe it's my mind trying to protect me from these abhorrent men.

ETA: Keyboard set to wrong language, correcting to English.

It's already started on the thread.

Sigh. I'll end up reading and being enraged but I'm unsure how we peak these people when the truth is right there.

why don't men stop relentlessly threatening girls (children) with sexual and physical violence, and then girls wouldn't want to chop their breasts off

Good for her. I look forward to the documentary. We need more of this.

Damn. Yep, they’re giving these surgeries to kids as young as 13. The only gating factor for the doctor was whether insurance would cover it, lol. So if you can pay cash, go ahead and bring your kid in for mutilation, no problem! So fucking bizarre that this is a thing now.

I hope the documentary gets picked up by the UK network like BBC, Channel Four or ITV. The only American channel that would pick it up is Fox. All the other main US media outlets are completely captured.

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