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…transphobia in our society shuts so many people out. Think of all the individuals that don’t get a chance to thrive, that don’t get a chance to have a future, that don’t get a chance to share their magic with us.

Honestly, I can’t even with her. She doesn’t sound like a person any longer. She just parrots the trans doctrine repeatedly. What really happened to her to make her so vulnerable to brainwashing? When is the media going to be finished with her?

I guess she found a way to kick her career into overdrive.

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I think she hardcore internalizes the social issue du jour until she can't think rationally about it. Same thing when she did that borderline hysterical interview about Jussie Smollet - there was no "hey, maybe parts of this story are a bit wonky", she just cried and gesticulated about how evil society is. There are plenty of Tumblr kids like this, but they have the benefit of either growing up and/or not being given a national platform.

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That Smollet reaction should have discredited her and made people realize she has a propensity for dramatic overreach.