At one point in time this would have been considered exhibitionism and would have resulted in a prompt arrest. Unfortunately, the rights, safety, and protection of women and girls do not matter.

"Jonathon Van Maren is a public speaker, writer, and pro-life activist." Ugh. A man who reduces women to incubators or a man who reduces us to his fantasy?

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We have a sizable population of christians hereabouts, like enough to be called a "bible belt." I went to a Christian school elsewhere in Alberta and we were drilled on "pro-life" arguments in class, chapels, and special presentations. I even still have a "Voice for the unborn" or some shit T-shirt from when they recruited all the students for a "pro-life" march.

Having previously been very involved in church happenings prior, I could actually see the community structures of the churches having a big impact on turning the tide as there are many women-only gatherings which would be under threat and would serve as excellent places to spread awareness and organize action. Like BSF has women and men separated, and there are a lot of women from a lot of different churches meeting once a week. I kinda am really curious now if they've had anyone ask them about a man who says he’s a woman trying to join.

I could see the pastor's wife of the church I used to go to being zero amounts of okay with all this and willing to organize. Been trying to think of making a info flyer of some sort in a manner not off-putting to religious folk and then just putting it in all the church mailboxes that I can reach by bike.

“This incident did not take place as initially reported on social media. There was no act of indecent exposure,” CPS said in a statement

Not “this didn’t happen” but “this didn’t happen as reported” So there was some sort of incident then? What did the social media reports get wrong?

"There was no act of indecent exposure"

Does that mean that they think girldick can't be indecent when exposed to "other" women? Or are they saying he didn't get naked at all? Because I'm taking a wild guess the former is what they're going with.

Never mind, apparently the police believe the flashing TIM over his teen victim.

The police are straight up claiming that there were no reports filed when the witnesses say they actually did file reports? Terrible that they've resorted to straight up lying. I really hope the parents take this to court.

Poor us. Canada is so hooped.

I confess that as an American, I really didn't know very much about the politics of our friends to the north, but I guess I just assumed Canada was similar to the U.S. but probably a bit more conservative on some social issues. It's been wild seeing the madness coming from up there!

No, us Canadians love getting to point out how much more progressive we are than the US. We will probably be one of the last countries participating in trans madness once everyone else has woken up. Sigh.

I actually think we tend to be less conservative, as a rule. The way the transgender legislation tore through Parliament unopposed was shocking, though. It also received proud support from the Conservative party members, which is our right wing . It was so weird.

I wonder if it's some weird, twisted thing that women's genitals might show in a women's changing room, so if a TIM has his junk hanging out, but we are legally required to consider him a woman, it becomes a certified ladydique, and, therefore, is allowed to be paraded around. 🤢

Yes my understanding if pretty much exactly that. Women are allowed to be naked in the women's changing rooms. He is "a woman" therefore he can't be flashing by being naked in the women's changing rooms.

Indecent exposure and voyeurism have been decriminalised.

And it seems they aren't even able to explain that. Why is this dangerous and perverted juggernaut so powerful?!?!?!

Even worse, even if this guy DID get convicted of a sex crime and put on the sex offender registry, he could just use his trans status to change his identity so nobody knows.