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Lesbian visibility?

Lesbians see with their eyes and are steering clear of this BS


I am hard pressed to think of a more clever, astute, and self preserved community

For all the straight women.

Who amongst ya can think of many lesbians who hit on them? You were respectfully checked out and probed to see if you might be interested. You may not have been able to tell

Compared to the gross men who constantly overestimated themselves

All we will find at Lesbian Visibility, will be straight men and their female support staff. ie straight women and hand maids. Maybe some safely married lesbian woman who can hide behind “monogamy’ to escape dick.

I know you were asking a rhetorical question, but regarding lesbians hitting on straight women, I can actually attest to one very anomalous girl coming after me for sex hard. It was a really weird situation because I had no idea I liked women yet and was in a hetero relationship already. We would have frequent sleepovers when I was 16-17, which we usually spent getting wasted and stoned at her house, and then when I was passed out or nearly so, she would just start giving me oral sex and I was too out of it to care. I don't really understand what she got out of that, though?

Sheesh, I've never looked back on that friendship and realized how rapey that all sounds, but I think I maintained a bit of a soft spot for her because she gave me my very first real orgasm and my mind was absolutely blown by that. She taught me what worked to get me to orgasm, at which point I stopped faking orgasms in my hetero relationship and trained him up right.

This woman was NOT your average lesbian, though! She looked a lot like Billy Corgan when he had hair, and when we were partying, she used to get half naked with a leather jacket on top pumping iron and smoking out of the corner of her mouth at the same time. She drank entire bottles of rubbing alcohol every now and then. Years later, when we lost touch and had become adults, I heard from a mutual friend that my lesbian friend had kidnapped a 14 year old girl who she claimed was her longtime girlfriend and took her out of state. Eventually she was caught, but not before shooting at the cops when they tried to save the 14 year old.

This story is so much more wild when I'm telling perfect strangers about it somehow! So, so much of that situation was fucked up and I didn't see it. But yeah, I can still confirm that this was the ONLY lesbian I have ever encountered who came after me in a predatory way.

Lesbians are like the canary in the coal-mine for women's rights. They are also repositories of wisdom for women generally.

Could you say a little more about how lesbians are "repositories of wisdom for women generally? I'm not sure what you mean.

There's an asexuality day!? 🤣

What do they even do there? Sit around talking about how much they love not getting laid?

Probably talk about easy one pot, 30 minute dinners to make for your two partners on a weekday evening.

We do very normal things that just don't have to do with sex, thanks. Garden, cook, play board games, have deep conversations. I don't really care if anyone thinks it's weird to be uninterested in sex, but it's really not hurting anyone to not want to have sex.

But then why not go to events for gardening, cooking, board games, etc instead? Why have gatherings to celebrate something you DON'T do? It would be like me going to an "I sure am glad I'm not an Evangelical Christian" party instead of Jewish events. What's the point?

It was created by the owner of Diva magazine as marketing for corporations.

OMG you just helped solve a mystery I've been chasing after for YEARS I can't believe it 😅

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Get woke, go broke. LOL

This is what happens when the people in charge care more about pandering to the TQs than they do about maintaining a functioning business. I guess they couldn't convince Mr Pritzker to write them a bailout check

The fact that all of these cookie cutter companies have one day for 'Lesbian Visibility' that is often dominated by men just adds to the irony of the fact that we are basically invisible to society

OK, but that isn't really the reason why SVB collapsed, is it?

No they collapsed because men shouldn’t be in charge of anything let alone the economic system

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Of course not, but the establishment cannot let ordinary people realize that absolutely nothing have changed since the 2008 financial crisis and that all those free market believers in the bank would / are going to happily accept being rescued by their government. Better blame it on SVB being woke.

What they needed was to hire someone who knew how to talk to customers. Putting out a press release that made it look like they were raising money because they were in trouble and then their CEO telling everyone to stay calm managed to turn a slight wobble in their finances into a full-on bank run.

Biden has said that the bank's management is going to be fired.

A prime example of "go woke, go broke"

There's just way too much focus on how to be DEI compliant than how to actually do a really good job of whatever your job is.

I hate the term DEI because it's starting to expand to include anything a person on the right doesn't like. But I do think this fad of fixing the world with flags, marches and lanyards has let everyone down.

What would have helped the customers of SVB way more than "celebrations" would have been to be a well-run bank.