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I was just about to post about this. If you watch this video, this YouTuber compiles some clips of TRAs justifying the violence against Nessa by calling her a lying transphobe and a "Muslim Terrorist". They accuse her of "sneaking into" his Patreon and slandering him by.....taking screen shots of shit he literally said to CHILDREN behind a paywall. They accused her of "making people think Jeffrey is a groomer". Even though all she did was log onto his Patreon (which anyone was allowed to do) and share shit that he WILLINGLY PUT ON THE INTERNET!

They don't even see the gross misogyny in blaming her for things a man did. Its no different than the Deppford Wives who spew venom at Amber Heard for "slandering Johnny Depp's good name" by talking about how he abused her.

Also, isn't it telling how Muslim women suddenly stop being an oppressed class when they piss off a White man in lipstick?

TRAs: "listen to trans voices!"

Also TRAs: "How dare you slander me by repeating what I've just said verbatim".

Exactly. I do understand how some gay people feel, that Muslims in the West "get away with" saying awful homophobic things that no one else does. And they have to stay quiet because Westerners are expected to treat Islam like something it isn't.

But that's not what Nessa was doing. She didn't say anything homophobic. She even used Marsh's they/them pronouns, which I sure as fuck won't. All she said was that this person should not be soliciting the attention of children and encouraging them to cut off their parents.

That's very basic.

That TQ activists think it's an unfair boundary shows how entitled and shitty they are. They really do think they are a special class who should be allowed to do as they please.

Its so odd isn't it? We're not supposed to criticize Islam/Muslims when it comes to actual problems (like FGM, the hijab, honor violence, women & minority rights in Muslim countries, etc). But its okay to tear a hijabi Muslim apart (including racial slurs) because she called a male gender-special out on his groomer bullshit.

It just goes to show that these activists don't actually care about social justice. Its all about which "oppressed" group is trendy at the moment

If this crew didn’t have double standards, they’d have none. It’s amazing how it’s all, “Speech has ConSeQuenceS!”

Until it’s THEIR speech.

It was also telling that during the KC Miller transpile-on last year, her being white was automatically added to the list of her sins... but that's allowed, because she's a woman, and everyone knows this.

And this is precisely why women like JK Rowling (who have enough wealth to insulate them from the crazies) are so important. Nessa has a large social media following. But she has neither the wealth nor the power to protect herself from an ideological lynch mob intent on threatening her children and vandalizing her car!! Thats why she had to issue that sobbing apology and remove her videos about Mr Groomer. She's not a coward. She just wasn't prepared for these psychopaths to send her children death threats!

And take note that many men have made the same claims about Marsh before she did. But they didn't receive a fraction of the backlash. Because the gender movement thrives on bullying women into silence

It’s so weird that they say her pointing out the truth is killing Marsh and then go on to make literal death threats against her and her children.

I mean...did she really out him, though? It was all right there in the open. Jeffrey Marsh was publicly telling minors to cut off contact with their parents and make him their "family."

True. But she spoke out in her own name, and she's Muslim (so automatically "an evil conservative bigot") and a woman to boot, hence the perfect target for TRAs.

Male YouTubers have been talking about what a creep he is long before this woman did. But she's the only one who received this insane level of backlash.

Its almost as if genderwoo is a misogynistic movement.....

Odd he isn’t threatening any of the legions of males who are also calling him a groomer

He says people are calling him ‘mom’, but citation needed

But lots of concern re his behaviors

I can't believe I'm saying this, but considering the effort Matt Walsh put into his Dylan Mulvaney video, he could do one for old Jeffrey. It's only fair.

I know the conservatives will snark this as "the left is eating itself!" but it would be nice if someone with a big platform would at least put in a good word for Shumirun Nessa. I hope JKR comes across this and does.

Oh, she definitely didn't make any false accusations, but it's convenient propaganda from the "reality is transphobic" crowd.

I really liked Shumirun Nessa. Her TikTok was hysterical without being mean-spirited. She held Jeffrey Marsh accountable for his terrifying behavior. She wasn't cruel about it. She even used his stupid they/them pronouns.

What could be more intimidating to a mother than getting threatened for calling out a nonce? The people who support Geoffrey are either nonces themselves, don't care about child safety, or useful idiots who just see homophobia everywhere and automatically dismiss allegations of wrongdoing out of hand.

If the threatening behaviour of the TRAs towards this lady was perpetrated by racists there would be a lot more vocal support from people who purport to be leftwing.

There will be a backlash to the TRAs and unfortunately it will probably affect all the ordinary LGB men and women who called out and tried to dissassociate themselves from the TRAs / groomers / kink exhibitionists who lumped themselves in with the LGB.

Shumirun is also getting racist abuse - called a token for "white supremacists" https://twitter.com/ReduxxMag/status/1632429469276274690

I hope there is momentum in support for Shumirun and condemnation of Geoffrey.

I am shocked at the amount of LGB that still support the T, particularly amongst gay men. None of this is going to end well. I feel like I'm watching a school bus careen wildly towards a cliff and there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it.

Until recently, I enthusiastically supported the LGBT, but at this point I don't even feel I can do that without betraying the interests of women and children. This is a terrible timeline.

I am shocked at the amount of LGB that still support the T, particularly amongst gay men.

Men will always side with other men over women. Not surprising to me at all.

Sorry, typed a bit and then edited it to add more - got into this habit because my toddler likes to start hammering the keyboard like the gif of the cat with the laptop.

I've seen so many ordinary LGB men and women on social media vocally be gender critical and condemn all the trans ideology lunacy, and all the furtive grooming behaviour and promotion of kinks, exhibitionism, and the sex trade. The problem is that a significant minority of gay people (including politicians) have a kneejerk reaction of assuming homophobia whenever anyone in the LGBT community gets called out for anything.

Kinks, exhibitionism, and the sex trade shouldn't be conflated with homosexuality. But because they are conflated by some LGB (who happen to be into kink, etc), some LGB will be really defensive at any criticism of them. Kinks, exhibitionism, and the sex trade are associated with sexual offences, human trafficking, violence against women, girls and children. Refusal to see this connection is a failure of risk assessment and instrumental in dismantling safeguarding.

Gay celebrities and LGBT allies are all putting their head in the sand or being outrageously stupid or apathetic about this stuff. Remember James Makings, the celebrity booker who worked for the NSPCC and dressed in rubber fetish gear beneath his suit and filmed and uploaded to the internet a video of him wanking in the toilets at work at the RSPCC head office?


The people supporting him are either dodgy themselves or total idiots.


How dare they claim that James Makings getting fired was homophobic! But it is precisely because they are falsely calling it homophobic that some of the general public will take them at their word that videoing yourself wanking at work is a part of gay culture (it definitely isn't). It is pathetic and horrendous that some members of the LGBT are actually promoting the idea to the general public that LGB culture means accepting behaviours that any ojective person (without a chip on their shoulder) can see is child endangerment.

If they can't see the child endangerment in a blatant creep masturbating at work at a children's charity then they are dangerous fools themselves. Society has boundaries of behaviour to minimise the risk of criminal offences being committed. The saying 'good men stay out so that bad men stand out' comes to mind. And if you view 'not being able to wank at work' as an infringement of your rights - then you are showing a prioritisation of your own fetish above safeguarding. The whole raison d'etre of the RSPCC is safeguarding.

The pendulum will absolutely swing back towards ‘traditional families’ if what LGBTQ+, ‘feminism’ and the left are offering is dysfunction and degeneracy.

I am shocked at the amount of LGB that still support the T

Its forced teaming. All the large LGB organizations (like GLAAD) saw money to be made from the trans cult. So they hitched their wagon to it. And then the "queer community" (who were mostly heterosexual pervert men) moved in and pressured lesbian & gay youth into identifying as "queer" and/or coming out as trans

I am shocked at the amount of LGB that still support the T, particularly amongst gay men.

Part of me is thinking of that meme with the astronaut holding a gun behind another, saying "always was." There really are gay men and even a few lesbian handmaids (Gayle Rubin) that are just plain old sexual libertines. They are such libertines that they will target members of their own community that aren't- that just wanted same sex relationships without interference.

Until recently, I enthusiastically supported the LGBT, but at this point I don't even feel I can do that without betraying the interests of women and children. This is a terrible timeline.


not at all surprising that given the choice between a pedophile openly targeting children vs. a Muslim mother of two trying to expose said grooming of children, TRAs overwhelmingly rally around the pedophile.

It's sick. And it's being seized upon by homophobes to whip up hate towards LGB people. Predictably.

Marsh needs to be called out for the groomer he is. Shumirun needs to stand her ground - and the police need to act on this creep whose followers are hounding her.

Back in the 70s lesbians and gays had to kick NAMBLA out before the mainstream would take LGB rights seriously. Do today’s Qs have zero knowledge of history? Why are they letting predators creep back in and providing so much cover for them?

Why indeed? I don't think today's Qs are much bothered by the idea to be frank. It's why we don't get along.