Actually all three answered in the affirmative to the question "is JK Rowling a national treasure" (MRA Humza Yousaf with a caveat). Both women praised her bravery, especially Ash Regan, who said, "I think she was very brave to speak out on an issue where many women who had raised legitimate concerns were receiving quite threatening communications".

Relevant clip from the debate: https://youtu.be/0ZQQxXE5gDQ?t=49

I'm really crossing my fingers that the tide is turning. It's been said so often in the past that I'm skeptical but with the survey showing declining acceptance of gender ideology, maybe this time.

Plus however much of an a-hole he is, at least Elon is telling the tide on Twitter or at least leveling the playing field.

The UK is going to be glad that they had at least one prominent citizen speaking out about this when it all finally becomes a national scandal. Perhaps when a huge wave of people that were transitioned as children begin to sue.

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This seems like overcorrection to me: playing both sides. Not buying it. They're just trying to mitigate the Twitter backlash now that Elon has finally opened the gates up a bit and given the TRAs a tiny dose of their own medicine.

Although just six months ago, saying such a thing would've been met with the Molotov and stalkers crowd crying bigotry. So who knows, maybe they're voicing their genuine thoughts.

Both Ash Regan and Kate Forbes opposed the Gender Recognition Reform, and the former resigned her ministerial job in order to vote against the bill. Humza Yousaf, on the other hand, was the justice secretary responsible for the authoritarian Hate Crime and Public Order Act and absolutely loves giving women's rights away to men who claim to be women.

Ah, fair enough, I stand corrected. I knew this was the same party as Nicola Sturgeon but didn't know the ins and outs of who believed what.