That Sam Roy person is clearly a TIF. Trying to use CPS to threaten families for being critical of what 'he' is doing, typical TRA bullying tactics

This is so cult-like. Read about any cult and you'll learn how they separate parents and children. They can separate parents and children within the cult in order to have better control and influence of cult members, through parental alienation of parents who have left the cult, and through encouragement of victims going "no contact" or cutting off family outside of the cult. How is no one seeing these red flags? This is predatory. This is child abuse. Counselors and teachers are undermining parental influence and authority, and it is all state sanctioned. I used to think grooming was too strong of a word, but if you read about the stages it's staggeringly obvious that this is what is happening and it is terrifying. Some of the parallels include easy access, selecting vulnerable kids, isolating the kids, developing trust and keeping secrets, etc.... https://www.rainn.org/news/grooming-know-warning-signs