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alternative subcultures

If calling a weaboo a "weaboo" becomes a hate crime I'm going to prematurely shuffle myself out of this mortal coil.

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This is such an important topic, but the way this article is written isn't very accessible. If I had time, I would've wanted to re-write the whole thing for Graham Linehan's substack. Hopefully someone else will cover it in a way that might reach more people.

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I have a surprise for them: if misogyny becomes a crime, a whole lot of other problems will start to disappear, too. Or, at least, decline. But that will mean facing the trans agenda, so one can only dream.

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This is about the UK, yes?

Glad to see that the countervailing opinion is finally being voiced, by judges who are outside of the "debate".

I'm American, but I've noticed that the cultures of the UK and the US are overlapping when it comes to trans issues.

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The Commission has already backed down over one proposal that could have classed offensive dinner table comments made in private as hate crimes.

This scares the shit out of me. I know America has less of a slippery slope because we have the first amendment, but god I hate that this is even a thing that has been considered.

Anyway, it's about time the judicial branch of the government put on their big boy/girl pants and started reigning these idiot wizards in. May the long arm of the law slap them down hard and fast.

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That's already become the law in Scotland. Private remarks made in your own home can be hate crimes now. I expect a wave of horrific teenagers reporting their mothers to the police for not buying them a binder.

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OMG! That’s horrible! How on earth did that happen?

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It was massively unpopular but they passed the bill anyway. I guess part of it is that the SNP have no credible opposition in Scotland so even with an election coming up they can do what they like. But countries all over the world (or just the Western world?) are instigating unpopular and authoritarian Woke-influenced laws, so whatever is going on, it's not just a Scottish problem. I don't want to even speculate, it's beyond me.

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Only a matter of time, before TRAs go to far and experience a backlash.

All the Politicos that were in for a "penny, in for a pound" who introduced these Draconian Gender Fascists hate speech crime bills, hope they go down in flames when it happens.

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They won't. But me and hope other women we will be there every step they take reminding the world what they did.

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"Well, I think we should-"

"Just shut the fuck up, Josh. Remember when you said men could be women and depressed teenagers should be put on cancer drugs and hormones? Got any hot takes on the moon landing or flat earth theory?"

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Yes we will. It's like ex Nazis, who claimed that they were "merely" Party members in order to work. But the work was in the concentration camps.

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They are literally less than 1% of the population, why tf do they get more say than women do.