Edit: first time posting on here, I couldn’t figure out how to do it before. But I saw this on my feed a few months ago. So not women can be fingered, only people can, and MEN are the ones that need the lesson? 🤮

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Yeah, Buzzfeed is a great example of institutional capture. A good specimen of a headline, for sure.

Oh man, the verbiage! Okay, so apparently this prestidigitation guide is only for The Menfolk. Very unPC for this day and age, but okay. Are they implying that only men need to have this particular skill? Or that women know it well enough already? Moving on, we take a hard left into ✨gender land✨With the declaration that this guide will teach you how to finger any “person”. So... are we just including the be-vaginaed folk, but we’re trying to be inclusive of TiFs? Or are we implying that everyone loves a good fingering? I suppose that’s possible, but in that case why do men even need a guide? And what about the TiFs? Wouldn’t they already be privy to such knowledge? Are men simply going to walk around fingering everything in sight? Men? Women? TiFs? TiMs? Maybe a cat? Are are we living in a “woke” nightmare where men are men, but women no longer exist? I think it's that last one, and they just went full mask-off.