And yet none of the TRA are yelling about how he is misgendering him or about you can't judge self id.

Archive: https://archive.ph/qIIjj

Clip from yesterday's debate: https://twitter.com/markthehibby/status/1635751805236936704

This guy can't even TRA right. He also said in response, "our prison service has a policy, of course, where any woman any man, forgive me, that has a history of violence against women can't be in a female prison". Looks like he thinks trans women are men too! 🤭 Considering Kate Forbes has been reported to her party for saying "a trans woman is a biological male who identifies as a woman" (I don't think she was specifically referring to Isla Bryson as this article suggests) , surely the blue-haired squad will call for his suspension too?

And here's HY in 2019 while justice secretary: https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/humza-yousaf-criminal-suspects-able-self-identify-gender-78048

Sounds like a hate crime if he had his way!

Ha, yes, too bad the Hate Crime Act won't come into force until at least 2024! 😂

He helped set up the gender self-id system. The system that says that if a man identifies as a woman that is all that is necessary for him to have legal status as a woman. That means he can't disavow any trans woman (TIM) and he can't disclaim the statistics that trans women (TIMs) have a much higher sexual assault offending rate than other males.

And when they set up the self-id system, didn't they claim no man without mental illness (which they call cis man) would exploit it to get to rape women?

This just makes them look very, very stupid.