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I clicked into this with dread and rolled my eyes after her first few tweets... but digging into the replies, I started to feel better.

Here is a link to one reply she got... I had to click "Show more replies" to see the rest of the convo. Here's an example reply:

from twitter user AlovelygarceH: To be simple, gender is a social construct, so it human-made, so how can somebody be born in the wrong social construct?

OP response:

from twitter user JenLeFroid: This whole thing is so confusing, I feel like my husband has oversimplified this massively.

He says that one can obtain a sex change though and transition that way. So sex is not actually inalienable?

Their convo continues for a little bit. I'm not saying Jen LeFroid has completely changed her mind yet, but she's willing to listen to some of the pushback she's getting, rather than the usual TRA style tactics of jamming fingers in ears and chanting la la la I can't hear biological realities!

So the initial tweets were really disappointing to see... but we must keep questioning, because changing minds is possible!

Right. Her husband gave her some TRA slogans that he never gave much thought to but felt morally righteous enough in believing them to act as an authority on the matter to his wife.

At least she is willing to question things.

My headline is too harsh on her but I did find it funny that her first response was to say 'ask my husband'.

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Yeah, she did sound a bit smug at first, like My Husband has this allll figured out, so just ask him if you're still confused! That's why I was all the more surprised, and inspired, to see that she is willing to question it.