Woman: This TRA is coming after your children.

All the TRAs: How dare you imply that this TRA is coming after anyone's children! In retaliation, I'm literally coming after your specific children! That'll teach you uppity b*tches to ever imply one of us is coming after children!

If your side has to stalk children because you don't like the concerns the other side is bringing up, maybe you don't have the rock solid argument you think you do.

Oh man, she didn't have a chance. She is the triumvirate of TRM/MRA targets. The 'unattractive' (doesn't look like a porn actress/teenaged cartoon), non-White, woman. No matter how often and how clearly women show how much more aggressively they are targetted, and how much more violent, grotesque, and unbalanced the threats are, men just refuse to recognize it. J K Rowling hits a triple by being middle-aged, successful (far more successful than most men), and a woman. They just hate women so much.

I wonder if her being Muslim and obviously devout also played a role. While TRAs go on and on about "white feminism", "colonialism", and "racism" contributing to the "gender binary", they seem most intent on policing the beliefs of marginalized minorities.

Yes - in her original video she mentioned how they had found pictures of her younger without her headscarf and were taunting her with them. Absolutely sick, intolerant harassment from the “tolerant” group.

TRAs are some of the most racist people I've ever seen. I fully peaked when I read years ago: "if black women are considered women, why aren't transwomen considered women?" My head blew off and I peaked hard.

When I first waded in this discussion, a TRA told me that if I let black women in the women’s bathroom, I should let transwomen in.

I was like, “Are you saying black women are men? Do you know how incredibly racist that is?”

I've seen this take so many times from racist ass TRAs and it makes me wanna holler

Right now there's animosity towards Muslims because of the recent transwoman Muslim suicide "Eden". I've seen lots of very nasty racist rhetoric towards Islam and Saudi Arabia. Part of me is like, I wish both sides best of luck... But I hate the tra side more.

She knows what she's doing. She's peaking her followers.

Yeah. The tearful apology is brilliant because it could be interpreted as sincere capitulation. But it can just as easily be her way of signaling all the radfem and right wing talking heads to keep the heat on Jeffrey Marsh (which is exactly what they're doing). Her message is getting FAR more coverage now that she's "canceled"

I mean, I think it will peak a lot of people, but I think she’s genuinely terrified for her children’s safety. These people are unhinged and dangerous.

Why doesn’t Jeffrey release a video asking people not to attack others? Even if you were very sceptical and thought she was inventing it, surely it’s better optics for Jeffrey to tell people to #BeKind?

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Based on the videos this woman was criticising, he has a lot of rage. There is nothing about the man in those videos to me that says "he is a kind soul". Him being unshaven while dressing like a clown adds to the unhinged look - it's as if he can't be bothered to shave when he goes outside and yells at lesbians in the gayborhood.

I saw a video from a male Muslik TikToker calling on the Muslim community to defend her. Her video also got reposted on AlJazeera. I think TRAs might have poked the bear with this one. I don't even care that it's religious benevolent sexism. I'm sick of these goons and they need to FAFO.

That's really disgusting behavior. Trans people claim that their lives are under threat, but they're the ones actively threatening others, including children. What kind of grown man threatens to kill children? TRAs are just completely out of control.

The screenshots of people laughing on TikTok and shouting "she fucked around and found out 😂😂😂" are sending me into a rage. Humanity at its most disgusting.

If it makes you feel better, I think these commenter are going to "fuck around and find out" after this whole incident peaks even more people.

This woman is brilliant. There are angry Muslim men videos all over Youtube because of this crying response.

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I follow her on TikTok -- she has 7.2 million followers as of today, and her posts are awesome and hilarious. She was directly addressing the cult-like grooming of children that goes on in trans circles. That was my first introduction to her on TikTok and that video was actually the reason I started following her. I'm always having to tell TikTok that I'm not interested in the pro-trans videos that they shove in my face. I also don't allow my teen daughter to use TikTok or other social media because of people like Jeffrey Marsh.

Jeffrey Marsh is horrifying. He looks horrifying, he speaks in a scary way, he's like a cult leader

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