So it's now coed.

Yep. RIP woman only colleges.

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Here in New England the North East we have a group of historical womens' colleges called the Seven Sisters.

Last I heard, all seven are now co-ed 😔

I wonder when historical black colleges will join the modern age, too? 🤔

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A lot of HBCUs don't discriminate on race in admissions. Rachel Dolezal went to Howard, IIRC. I don't know how many, if any, are still black-only, but I figure the term "historically black colleges and universities" implies there are few or none.

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I'm thinking around the time that they accept people like Rachel Dolezal as being black and that transracialism is the same fucking idea as transgenderism (aka: self-identifying yourself into an historically oppressed class of humans!).

So when will that happen? Oh, probably next to NEVER! Because only women get treated this badly and are allowed to be pushed aside and spoken down to about our own history and biological reality. Only woman are forced to "be nice" to our historical oppressors and pretend that we were never oppressed or subjugated based on our sex.

According to these trans identified men, it was always just a preferences for dresses, makeup and pink frilly shit that actually oppressed us women all along! Gosh, if only we had thought to change our clothes and self id out of it all /s Now these men who frolic in their fetishes and enjoy the misogynistic, stereotypical, corporate, and porn fueled versions of 'feminine stereotypes' are ACTUALLY the oppressed ones, not women. We women are oh-so-privileged and must kneel to his benevolence. BARF. I hate gender ideology and how it has warped so many minds, including so many women handmaidens that are too dumb to see how they're pushing us all back into these regressive, sexist boxes for these mentally ill men. /endrant

Welleslely has been admitting TIMs since 2017, so it was already officially co-ed.

Women who call themselves "men" or "non-binary" can piss right off and go to literally ANY OTHER UNIVERSITY. And the men allowed here already, it goes without saying, should be tossed out on their asses. Edit: And just watch as a bunch of creepy dudes identify as "non-binary" just to increase their odds of getting laid at a primarily female campus.

The women are perfectly entitled to go there however they identify, but they shouldn’t have the language of the school changed to accommodate their mental illnesses. Despite them trying to identify out of womanhood they are still women and still deserve the benefits a single sex environment.

nah, if they want to attend a womens college so badly, i think the least they can do is not renounce womanhood and declare themselves male

It's been coed for years. Years ago they let men who claim to be women which is worse than women identifying as men. At least the women who identify as men are actual women.

As long as their gaslighting is not compelling the speech of others or allowing actual men to get in, then fine. But we all know how the language games work and these women will just be spreading their brain-melting ideology wherever they go.

I’m conflicted

They are helping the TIMs , and even sometimes ‘accept their privilege’ they hold over the ‘transfems’

They’re not helping themselves or other women for sure, but I won’t tell them they can’t go in women-only spaces. They’re still women to me. Anti-abortion women hurt women too and I’ll still fight for their right to be in women’s spaces.

Just a question: Why deliberately choose to attend a women's college and try to open it to men when there are literally (using the word correctly) thousands of universities one could attend that are already mixed-sex?

It always circles back round to validation. Its the reason none of this shite can ever look or feel rational. Its never been about the bathroom itself, or the school, or the sports team....its only ever been about forcing the women and/or the institution of women to validate the mans lunacy. A bathroom is just a stall with a toilet, but if you force the women who use it to let you use it too, and even better smile and wave while they do it.....thats validation for your delusion. Its also a beast that can never be sated.

They're bully navel gazers whose greatest love, other than themselves, is to bulldoze over everything and force the rest of us go along with whatever stupidity they think is best/cool/"progressive."

im noticing a shift recently where TIFs are back to wanting all the 'privileges' of women-only spaces/awards/etc while still spitting on womanhood and shunning it and claiming to be male. ive especially noticed this as a lesbian - just a couple years ago all the wokies i know were saying that lesbians shouldnt date or be attracted to trans 'men' bc it invalidated them as being truly men. now, you can suddenly be a trans man AND a lesbian and anybody who protests just doesnt understand the intricacies of lesbian history or whatever.

TRAs want to have their cake and eat it, and then have everyone elses cake and eat that too. this is why it will always be a bad decision to appease them in even the tiniest ways. never seen a better example of 'give them an inch and theyll take a mile'

So the only people who can't apply are 'cis' men, is that right?

Yea and probably one of them will sue for sex discrimination soon.

And they’ll deserve it for being so stupid and letting any and everyone in the first place

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He can just identify as NB or trans to get in. Itd be interesting to see how this plays out eg do "trans women" & "amab nonbinaries" have to transfer/leave if they change to a "male identity"/desist? How do they know whether someone is really trans/NB or not? What about genderfluid, genderflux, etc "amabs"? Cis one day, trans the next, NB the next, cis the next...

Serious question, what effect do we think womens' colleges becoming co-ed will have on women that belong to cultures that forbid co-ed habitation?

We're all entitled to how we feel about these cultures, but that doesn't change the fact that they exist.

For example, my mom fell down a YouTube rabbit hole of watching vlogs from this Orthodox Jewish woman: she shares aspects of Orthodox Jewish life that outsiders would otherwise not be privvy to, such as specialized Jewish hotels, and weddings.

Their culture segregates unmarried women & men to the point the swimming pools at their hotels are far away from the hotel complex, and with segregated swimming hours.

This lady is so proud of her culture, and you can hear her smiling as she talks about how great it is to have a place to go where it's just women, and they can talk freely.

By allowing men into womens' colleges, it means women who otherwise would have attended a prestigious college now won't because the college is hostile to their culture.

I am glad the administration is holding out. There should be no males however they identify. As far as TIFs & non-binary females, if they claim they are not women, why should they be in women's spaces? Because if they are admitted, they will insist that the language change, to neuter any references to women & female, they WILL keep pushing that. & even if they don't succeed, it will waste energy & resources from the school & students to have to keep countering that.

Just like both TIFs and TIMs compete in women's sports, these jerks always want to have their pie and eat it. Trans logic is anything but consistent.

Why are young American women such doormats (more so than their counterparts elsewhere I feel)? It's so pathetic.

Are they not reporting the exact results of the referendum? Makes me think that it wasn't such a slam-dunk supermajority as TRAs would have us believe.

I didn't go to Wellesley but one of my close friends did. This was around 2005. She thought she was a lesbian at the time (later dated men) and she was between feminine and androgynous at the time. Even back then, she was embroiled in competitions around who the coolest lesbians were, who were old-fashioned and boring, who weren't feminist and those who were too feminist, those who were called LUGs, those who had money and those who didn't. That was all just about lesbians - once you added the judgement of who was bisexual and who said they were straight but slept with women, it got even bigger. When I visited, I was treated coldly - partly because I was bi and partly, I suspect, because my school was not as prestigious.

She never felt she could hit the right note to be accepted, though she did form a friend group who also felt the same way and she was pretty content after that. But the constant competitions to be the best/coolest/not too privileged but also not too poor sounded absolutely exhausting. If campus is the same way now, I can absolutely see how this came to pass.

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