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I'm removing this because posters are not supposed to link directly to misogynist content to start conversations about it. This incentivizes the creation of this content.

Additionally, it breaks the original titles rule.


You can repost this as described there.

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"Sex work is work." Why do libfems always pepper their articles with little mantras? So what if it's 'work' Kaitlyn? Work can still be shit.

She then says she developed body dysmorphia, and thought she was supposed to serve the male gaze. Her body wasn't good enough without external validation. She then discovered 'radical self acceptance', and surprise surprise...it led her to create her only fans. How bloody depressing.

Her next advantage is it has taught her not to care what anyone thinks about her, even her family. She has become inured to abuse and trolling online. First, why is it an advantage to not care what even loved ones think about you? Why is this solipsism a good thing? Isn't this just dissociation? ...Oh wait, the next line she says it is very close to dissociation. She has no emotional attachment to herself or others. Jesus Christ, Kaitlyn, get some therapy. She then says that she views her body from an outside perspective, like a spectator walking through a museum. Sounds fantastic and mentally healthy!

She's been subjected to unsolicited opinions her whole life about her body, so she might as well make money off them. Oh. That's sad. None of this sounds very 'girl boss'.

"sex work isn't inherently bad." Who cares about it being 'inherently anything'? I don't get this. Just because something isn't 'inherently' bad (and I would say this claim is highly arguable when it comes to prostitution) doesn't mean it's not actually bad in reality. A swimming pool full of shit isn't 'inherently' disgusting, but that doesn't mean it's good to jump into it. Even if paying for sex in a nearby possible world is coercion free, and as neutral an act as getting a massage, this doesn't mean very much because we don't live in this magical world but in the world of patriarchy.

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I am getting really tired of this idea that not caring about what anyone thinks of you is a good thing. Sure, you shouldn't need constant validation and you shouldn't care what strangers think of you really. But you should care about what people who care about you think of you. Also, I am damn tired of these people acting like honest work is bad, but making money encouraging men to objectify women is good.

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Oh man I thought that was literally the title of the Cracked article and that they started being funny again.

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Can you imagine though if this was done in any other way than the internet? A scummy company chatting up girls leaving highschool or young college students if they want to prostitute themselves. Unbelievable, i hate this timeline...

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We live in Hell World where Cracked lived and Mad died.

Given that, it's logical that the media tells us porn is empowering and men can be women.

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I remember when cracked was actually a funny site with articles about video games and comics. Now every other article is woke garbage.

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I knew Cracked has been a garbage fire for at least 6 years now but goddamn that was awful. One of her points is literally called 'Choosing The Path Of Least Exploitation'. She claims her self acceptance has improved because she cares less about validation from strangers now?? But onlyfans is literally 100% about validation by strangers? And this gem: 'I've been subject to unsolicited remarks about my appearance my whole life. I figured I might as well monetize it to invest in my art and redistribute.'

EDIT: i literally signed up to their garbage site so I could write a comment about how shit this 'article' is.

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I couldn't find your (or anyone else's) comment anywhere?

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yeah idk, the comments seem pretty broken. It always just loads the same 3 or 4 comments although it has 26. I don't know if they are deleting some or if the site is just buggy. I wrote something about how the author needs to stop and look at what she's doing and what she's telling the world and other women

EDIT: oh btw. you have to be logged in to the site to see the comments at all. but even then, they are buggy, so...

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I have no real scientific basis for this, but I just can't shake the feeling that essentially prostituting yourself on these platforms is profoundly harmful to one's character/personality.

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You're feeling is 100% correct and I'm sure if we did some digging we could find some research that proves you're right

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Damn this is depressing.

The most useful tool I've gained is the ability to detach from the idea that I am defined solely by my body. I know the idea might seem scary -- it's a fine line between detachment and dissociation.

I've been subject to unsolicited remarks about my appearance my whole life. I figured I might as well monetize it

For now, OnlyFans is a job that makes me more money than it depletes my sense of self.

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Choosing The Path Of Least Exploitation

Exploitation is still exploitation. This person clearly understands that exploitation is wrong, so she should also understand that NOT doing something wrong is the best thing to do. But of course "mah empowerment!!!!" 😒

Also, how the mighty has fallen: Cracked used to be awesome years ago, then it started its woke path and now it' s complete bullshit. I stopped following it when they started asking for sympathy for pedophiles and never looked back.

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what purpose I was "supposed to serve" (satisfying the male gaze) convinced me I wasn't inherently worthy of anything without external validation <

wonderful exercise in irony

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i used to love Cracked, and it is depressing how far they have fallen. Onlyfans is literally an MLM site and these women are trying to groom other women into "sex work" I am so damn tired of people acting like doing this crap is totally harmless, and only a prude would be agaisnt it. Whatever happened to teaching young people to have some self respect? I am sometimes glad my parents where Mormon and taught me the value of honest labor. I know that makes me sound conservative, and there is A LOT I hate about my old religion, but damn, I am grateful my parents taught me to value my brain over my body.

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Totally sounds like a paid article. If this is genuine and not paid, then it’s pretty stupid with the person involved no different from the feelings above reality crowd.

The sex industry is actually more competitive than it has ever been in comparison to years ago. It seems that those who made good money are the ones who got in early and got out now. The more you invite people to join, the more crowded it becomes, and there will be less money for everyone. It is basic business sense.

Unless it’s the company in question trying to push this fiction writing on to young girls. The company is the one that will really benefit from lots of women joining up.

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