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"Sex work is work." Why do libfems always pepper their articles with little mantras? So what if it's 'work' Kaitlyn? Work can still be shit.

She then says she developed body dysmorphia, and thought she was supposed to serve the male gaze. Her body wasn't good enough without external validation. She then discovered 'radical self acceptance', and surprise surprise...it led her to create her only fans. How bloody depressing.

Her next advantage is it has taught her not to care what anyone thinks about her, even her family. She has become inured to abuse and trolling online. First, why is it an advantage to not care what even loved ones think about you? Why is this solipsism a good thing? Isn't this just dissociation? ...Oh wait, the next line she says it is very close to dissociation. She has no emotional attachment to herself or others. Jesus Christ, Kaitlyn, get some therapy. She then says that she views her body from an outside perspective, like a spectator walking through a museum. Sounds fantastic and mentally healthy!

She's been subjected to unsolicited opinions her whole life about her body, so she might as well make money off them. Oh. That's sad. None of this sounds very 'girl boss'.

"sex work isn't inherently bad." Who cares about it being 'inherently anything'? I don't get this. Just because something isn't 'inherently' bad (and I would say this claim is highly arguable when it comes to prostitution) doesn't mean it's not actually bad in reality. A swimming pool full of shit isn't 'inherently' disgusting, but that doesn't mean it's good to jump into it. Even if paying for sex in a nearby possible world is coercion free, and as neutral an act as getting a massage, this doesn't mean very much because we don't live in this magical world but in the world of patriarchy.

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I am getting really tired of this idea that not caring about what anyone thinks of you is a good thing. Sure, you shouldn't need constant validation and you shouldn't care what strangers think of you really. But you should care about what people who care about you think of you. Also, I am damn tired of these people acting like honest work is bad, but making money encouraging men to objectify women is good.