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I knew Cracked has been a garbage fire for at least 6 years now but goddamn that was awful. One of her points is literally called 'Choosing The Path Of Least Exploitation'. She claims her self acceptance has improved because she cares less about validation from strangers now?? But onlyfans is literally 100% about validation by strangers? And this gem: 'I've been subject to unsolicited remarks about my appearance my whole life. I figured I might as well monetize it to invest in my art and redistribute.'

EDIT: i literally signed up to their garbage site so I could write a comment about how shit this 'article' is.

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I couldn't find your (or anyone else's) comment anywhere?

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yeah idk, the comments seem pretty broken. It always just loads the same 3 or 4 comments although it has 26. I don't know if they are deleting some or if the site is just buggy. I wrote something about how the author needs to stop and look at what she's doing and what she's telling the world and other women

EDIT: oh btw. you have to be logged in to the site to see the comments at all. but even then, they are buggy, so...