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Well, this person will be cancelled in 3...2...

ETA- I didn't realize it was a "grandparent naming" issue, not a pronoun issue. The fact that they can give totally reasonable advice in one situation, but not the other, shows why this movement is built on a foundation made of marshmallows. They have ZERO principles. Ones that they stick to NO MATTER WHAT.

[–] gluhbirne [OP] 11 points (+11|-0) Edited

But...I thought the kind thing was to refer to people as they ask you to? And imposing your own sense of logic or history on the situation was violence? C'mon Slate, I thought you knew this.

[–] NotCis 6 points (+6|-0)

Not going to click on this because I don't want to support Slate, but if they've expressed a reasonable opinion for once, that's good news. I just read another women-erasing article of theirs the other day (about "periods and COVID" that never used the words female or women once) and I'm over it.

[–] gluhbirne [OP] 8 points (+8|-0) Edited

Here's the archived version: https://archive.is/cj28t

Not actually about women or gender, which points up the hypocrisy at play. The advice seekers are parents who do not agree with the names their child's aunt and uncle want the child to call them, and the columnist agrees that it is unreasonable for the aunt and uncle to force the child and other relatives to use the increasingly bonkers monikers they keep requesting.

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The chess kid's parent should try checkers.

[–] RisingUp 1 points (+1|-0)

I'm stuck on 'Octavian.' I assume it's a pseudonym but even so, why?

I find it kinda funny that a kid named Octavian is impatient, stubborn, and doesn't accept losing. Maybe they should have named him Bob.

[–] spacykate 1 points (+1|-0)

I don't think the columnist picked up on the fact that the father is probably beating the kid 100% of the time. My dad did this to me - wanted to play chess with me but completely slaughtered me every single time. Not suprisingly I didn't want to play with him anymore and dislike chess to this day. When you play with kids you have to let them win sometimes.

[–] Amareldys 1 points (+1|-0)

Yeah... you have to set it up so there's an obvious move they can make to beat you.