She must be so proud of herself. Meanwhile, children are being mutilated.

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She also spent that time railing against an unrelated bill that would outlaw gender-affirming therapies for those 18 and younger. It was the advancement of that bill out of committee that led Cavanaugh to promise three weeks ago to filibuster every bill that comes before the Legislature this year — even the ones she supports.

Imagine wanting to harm children with wrong-sex hormones or mutilate them with surgery so badly that you will even refuse to work towards other things that you want.

This woman is deranged. I can't imagine how livid I would be with jackass in my legislature.

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Americans you need to get rid of the filibuster because the same people keep using it to block civil rights bills consistenly and it's comedic to other countries even without the sexist female politician being a joke here

The filibuster is complicated. There are times like this, but there are other instances like when Wendy Davis filibustered the Texas state senate (?) to try to stop an anti-abortion bill from advancing.

Also, I’m assuming there are different rules for each state legislature that aren’t exactly the same as the US Senate rules (the US House does not have a filibuster rule). But this is what happens when you have governmental bodies that opt out of standard parliamentary procedure/Robert’s Rules.

The system of government was designed at every point to guard against the tyranny of the masses. Thank god for the filibuster, it's a pity that it's been so watered down by people deciding to change the rules when they don't like an outcome.