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FYI: NewAmerican is definitely on the conservative side of American news but “liberals” here in The States are too mealy mouthed to stand against the masses. A bunch of us are political homeless it seems. I’m not going to not read an article or post it just cuz it comes from a different camp than mine.

Agreed. It's just a fact that 90%+ of media in the US (and I'd say other Anglophone countries, probably beyond) are on the Left. If you only read those, you're only going to see pro-Trans propaganda. I can't understand people who cover their eyes and ears to everything that isn't from the Left.

To be honest, I've found that a lot of so-called conservative sites are using the Trans Propaganda language too though.

I didn't know this!

A 2014 poll showed that even 65 percent of people who’ve had cosmetic surgery — which is relatively minor body alteration — later regret the decision.

And yeah, something like a nose job is nothing compared to removing a body part entirely!

That was a GOOD article. I archived it for those who hesitate to click something from the conservative side.


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I remember reading a quote from a cosmetic plastic surgeon. He said I made people happy for a few weeks at most.

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I know one personally who had to quit the cosmetic side because of that. He now just does reconstruction surgery and reduction mammoplasty and makes wayyyyy less money but is professionally much more happy with himself.

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Thank you for the archive! I’ve never ever understood this ignorant push to not tussle with sources from different political camps. Reading isn’t gonna fucking kill, and if ones’ core is so undefined that one article could shake that, well shiiiit, that speaks on broader issues than just politics.

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Yeah the moment we start seeing words as "literal violence," it's all downhill for any sort of radical feminist movement.

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I gravitate much more quickly to fellow leftists who don't buy into trans identity, but I'll take conservatives with a reasoned argument as well.

leftists who don't buy into trans identity

Can you recommend some in the media? Just when I think I've found one, out comes the "GOP are killing trans kids" garbage :(