Agreed. It's just a fact that 90%+ of media in the US (and I'd say other Anglophone countries, probably beyond) are on the Left. If you only read those, you're only going to see pro-Trans propaganda. I can't understand people who cover their eyes and ears to everything that isn't from the Left.

To be honest, I've found that a lot of so-called conservative sites are using the Trans Propaganda language too though.

I didn't know this!

A 2014 poll showed that even 65 percent of people who’ve had cosmetic surgery — which is relatively minor body alteration — later regret the decision.

And yeah, something like a nose job is nothing compared to removing a body part entirely!

That was a GOOD article. I archived it for those who hesitate to click something from the conservative side.


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I gravitate much more quickly to fellow leftists who don't buy into trans identity, but I'll take conservatives with a reasoned argument as well.

leftists who don't buy into trans identity

Can you recommend some in the media? Just when I think I've found one, out comes the "GOP are killing trans kids" garbage :(

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I'm not sure about any who work at mainstream publications. There's a reason why there's been a mass exodus of left-aligned heterodox writers to Substack (regardless of what they think about trans issues). There are a number of podcasters and well-known leftists who don't buy into it, but a lot of them have other issues. As an example, Cindy Sheehan rejects trans identity, but she's also a COVID skeptic.

Not buying into trans is an exercise in having to ignore people's peccadilloes in other areas.