Let's make the maybe 1 or 2 students who might be trans slightly more comfortable by making all 250+ female students uncomfortable.

Solid logic.

Not just uncomfortable, just open the floodgates of sexual harassment. I can’t think of anyone with more damaging sexual energy than a teenage boy. If I went to that school, I’d just stop going. Fuck dealing with dickheads in every single bathroom multiple times a day.

Seriously, they are practically psychopathic and have no empathy. They get boners constantly and are ruled by them. It's inhumane to make girls be the ones to tell them "no" all the time.

I can't believe the West still views itself as the bastion of womens' rights as this is swept under the rug.

Yes, but at least 1 of those students will be male. 1 special male > 250 females

Coincidentally, this is the same logic used by male comedians speaking out about #MeToo.

I felt uncomfortable with all the sounds of removing sanitary towels from their wrappers, peeling them off my knickers etc etc knowing there were only girls next to me. I can’t imagine how as a 13 year old I’d have felt knowing that a boy could hear that.

This is an attack on women's education. Girls can't feel safe in their own schools. Girls are probably holding it in, distracting them. I remember just being worried when I was on my period, because teachers wouldn't always let me leave to change my pad and I leaked through a few times. And thank goodness I didn't develop Crohn's disease until after high school. I can't imagine the added stress and just unease and anxiety this is causing these girls. I don't understand how this can possibly be legal.

The sick thing is, if you were a girl in school now dealing with this bullshit, having a medical diagnosis like Crohn's might be the absolute only way to get access to a private restroom without being accused of a hate crime.

You think they'd give a girl with Crohn's a private restroom?

That feels overly optimistic to me.

Probably something more like a single bathroom in a nurse's office, but better than nothing.

Its like they forgot the reason girls need their own bathrooms in the first place.

Or they stopped caring about it at all.

That assumes they cares in the first place

Good point. I think even a few years ago, though, more people would have at least given lip service to caring.

Her daughter also struggles to use the only girls’ lavatory in the school as it is frequently shut, she claimed.

“There’s one girls’ toilet but it’s always locked and out of bounds and if they use it they get a detention for using it,” she said.

I've noticed that many facilities that change bathrooms to mixed sex but also provide women's only bathrooms that they put women's bathrooms faraway, in some case it was in another building, as if they want to punish women who want to use women's only bathroom and make it a chore! Or maybe they want to avoid any chance of being sued by saying we also provide single sex bathrooms.

Either way, it shows this legislation is being used to control, undermine, and punish women.

Laws are always used to punish women!

It just dawned on me recently how laws is written to allow men to harrass women so easily, but at the same time, sometimes, the laws punish women if they used law against a legitimate danger from a man. Like the police fined 19 yrs old Shana Grice with wasting police time because she reported her stalker five times in six months. Said stalker ended up murdering her. Michael Lane slit her throat.

May she rest in peace, she was so young.

Dear God! I don't remember hearing about this case. Women go to the police as a last resort, because they pretty much KNOW they won't (and will say they can't) do anything about their complaint, but to attack her themselves by fining her is unconscionable! It's a humiliating and expensive way to tell her to shut up and take it. How big of them to eventually deign to stop harassing and profiteering off of the victims themselves with their fines.

[–] SecondSkin 6 points Edited

This is a UK school isn’t it?

So laws aren’t being used to punish the girls because our laws are clear schools must have single sex toilets. And the EHRC and DfE also issue guidance saying this and there’s been court judgments relating to this.

This isn’t the law being used against girls, this is the school going out of their way to break the law to harm girls.

It needs more fucking court action and needs parents to protest and get MPs involved and msm to cover it and take legal action.

We shouldn’t have to, but as it turns out the safeguarding risk in our schools these days is the school.

Our schools currently can’t pay teachers a living wage or afford the heating bills, yet they piss money away changing single sex toilets to illegal mixed sex ones and fund Stonewall and other predators accessing kids.

Ahh, thanks, I wasn't paying attention. Good to know there's a judicial out. I'm Canadian, so I'm used to being absolutely hog-tied by our own laws.

I've noticed time and time again they put the men's room first if they are both down the same hallway. As if we need more "privacy" but in fact it just makes little kids holding it in have to go farther.

I don't know why it's like that? It could be for privacy, but one thing I know is that public spaces has always been designed by men for men's comfort. Even regulations are built around the averages of their bodies. I saw a photos a bathroom where women and children have to go past urinals to use the stalls.

The photos https://twitter.com/Passie_Kracht/status/1596614381533626370

I figured that was so that males had absolutely no reason or excuse to be near/in front of the accesses point for the women's room. If a male is there, he is automatically flagged as a 'higher threat" in personal risk accessment.

It’s so pervs won’t glance inside on the way to their bathroom or “accidentally” walk in

Why are males such monsters? I can’t help but feel so much of this is porn-induced. 🤮

They've always been this way. It's because they never face any consequences for what they do to us.

[–] Maplefields 35 points Edited

The student responsible for this incident has been sanctioned and we have been in regular contact with the parent of the injured student, who has told us she is happy with the actions we have taken

Happy? Are you kidding me? You’re going to take the word of a 13 year old who you’ve conditioned to have no bodily autonomy and no safety, who you have power over once she returns back to school? Let me remind you that you’ve been locking the girl’s only toilet from the sex that needs it the most this whole time, and you have no plans to reopen them.

She knows you’re full of bullshit and you’re doing BELOW the bare minimum after her injury’s gone public, but thanks to your contribution to her low self-esteem, she’s been conditioned to grin and bear it.

Edit: and in another article she stated that the kids at school were laughing at the gash on her forehead. Oh yeah, I truly believe this kid when she says she’s happy with the puny measures you’ve taken to correct this. /s

Nope, she's just internalized the message that, because she is female, her physical injury, emotional pain, privacy, dignity, and voice have no value. Great teaching, school.

Plus it places the onus of the punishment for the attacker on the victim. If he's at all popular and he gets suspended or expelled because she says that actually, that punishment is not enough, does she then become a pariah at her school? Disgraceful. Grow a fucking backbone school admins, and punish this boy appropriately. This 13 year old child has been through enough.

[–] ActualTomboy 10 points Edited

I honestly think they just told her they sanctioned him and she was just like “good”, or simply implied that she was glad they at least sanctioned him, and they used that response to make this claim as though she was totally satisfied.

Of course they do. Puberty was a neverending marathon of boys harassing girls. It's not cute or harmless just bc they're underage. Everyone should know this from personal experience and yet we're supposed to pretend it wouldn't happen.

Boys are a major component of the oppressor class. For most of us, it was boys, not adult men, who were the first to oppress us and attempt to put us in our "place". Boys are not fit for co-education. They've proven it time and time again that boys cannot be trusted in mixed sex spaces. Girls need space without them to grow and learn and thrive and pee in peace.

Girls should only be in coed schools for primary school, maximum, and only to get a taste of what males are like so they don't grow up into idiotic libfems.

Schools should be separated by sex from the age of 11 onwards. Perhaps 10, what with puberty starting earlier and earlier.

[–] Eava 38 points

I would give my daughter pepper spray and permission to use it no matter what consequences the school would impose.

I would try to get my daughter out of that school and into a better one, if at all possible.

That school needs to feel serious consequences for the sexual violence they enact against girls.

Teachers supervise the bathrooms at break times? How does that work, exactly? So a teenage girl might go into a cubicle and when she comes out there's a male teacher watching her at the sink?

[–] somegenerichandle #KPSS 7 points Edited

Yeah i really don't feel that's going to help. I used to give examines in college, and our of our duty was to go to the bathroom with students. It was always the same sex, but so many were terrified to have me hear them pee, i'd have to turn on the sink. However, it is a very real thing that students going to the washroom in order to cheat.

[–] somegenerichandle #KPSS 19 points Edited

It's pretty terrible. I posted a different article about it in Name the Problem. The photo of her forehead is just awful.

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