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What I am asking for is the same thing I have asked for since the trans extremists began to target me in 2004 for daring to dissent: stand up, speak out and stop sending confidential messages of support claiming to be ‘unable’ to publicly denounce this witch hunt. What is happening to feminist heretics in universities across the world is the new face of sexual harassment. It needs to be denounced, or we will lose the right and the fight to resist.

I'm an academic (in STEM, not women's studies) and it is so demoralizing to see many of my colleagues - trained scientists - falling for this TRA bullshit. I mean I get it, just a couple years ago I went along with it too because it was marketed as compassionate, liberal, etc. and I didn't pay too much attention to it otherwise.

I do think that at least some of my colleagues would be peak-able, so to speak. But I don't have tenure yet and I'm terrified to publicly speak my mind about it, I'd almost certainly tank my entire career. My research and teaching are some of the main ways I am making a positive impact on the world and I don't want to lose that. Yet staying silent causes me a lot of stress and anxiety because it goes against my values, I feel very cowardly.

Fuck TRAs for putting us in this position.

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"As well as calling for her punishment, the signatories denounced Lawford-Smith’s academic coursework on feminism, saying that ‘high-profile TERFs teaching “feminism” courses’ should not be allowed."

That makes sense. Women who center females in feminism should be shut up.

How the hell do people not realize that this is only an attempt to prevent women from educating one another about our history and oppression, and instead force us to speak about men ?

What is this, the thirties ???

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i'm 2nd wave, i have friends who refuse to be informed. some days it really gets me down.