It's a waste of resources. Cancer screening for an organ you simply don't have takes an appointment away from a woman who needs one.

And Canada has single-payer, right? So it also wastes taxpayer money.

This is precisely why I never wanted single payer here in America. Granted, it’s an absolute shit show as it is, so something has to be done, but allowing our rogue government to make these kinds of decisions about taxpayer money in this way is really just beyond ludicrous. Why would we trust them with this??

This is increasingly my feeling as someone who supported single payer. Our government probably can’t be trusted with it. Everything here is so ideological here that we’d never have a single payer system based on health care that benefits people.

Clearly med school was a waste of money for these lot! How could you ever trust a doctor that cannot confidently say that males do not have a cervix?!

That's so stupid, why would "bottom surgery" create a cervix? This piece of propaganda was obviously created by some Communications major who thinks he or she is bringing inclusiveness to consumer medical information.

Bingo. This is the terrible effect of having MBAs and PR flaks in charge of everything, they follow every trend for the money and the visibility, so they are dead easy to co-opt into massive rounds of stupid like transactivism. Goes double for the male MBAs and PR flaks who are anti-women anyway.

They mention a "neo cervix" but I'm not sure what that would even be?

Are there any studies looking at HPV and its potentially carcinogenic impact on other tissue types?

Anyone can get cancer anywhere at any time, but is there any evidence to suggest that the cancer risk of a neo-vagina warrants a special screening program?

If they want to increase preventative approaches to cancer, then encouraging people to have colonoscopies from their forties onwards would seem a more effective strategy. A colonoscopy literally prevents cancer (through polyp removal) as well as catching cancer at earlier stages when it's easier and cheaper to treat.

What are they smoking in Canada??? Are women recommended to get prostate exams as well?

What a good question for this fine organization. Should TIFs have prostate cancer screenings? Why or why not?

I was watching a Jade Goody documentary. She was a British reality television star (first appeared on Big Brother ‘02) and she did a lot of post show stuff, including Celebrity Big Brother (where she was racist against Shilpa Shetty, a Bollywood Star) and Bigg Boss (where she apologised to Shetty, the host of the Indian version of Big Brother).

It was on Bigg Boss where she got the diagnosis of cervical cancer. She later passed away.

At the time, Goody’s death inspired women to get Pap smears. There was a surge of cervical screenings.

At the end of the documentary (which was made to mark the 10th anniversary of her death), the effect had fallen off, less women are going in for their screenings.

Material like this will not inspire women to get their screenings done.

Is this even real? There's obviously no neo cervix which they must know, i hope?

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What's sick is how validating a TIM would find it to be told he had cervical cancer... even if it was actually just displaced colon cancer. I can see the gofundme now... and the millions of idiots opening their wallets.

How transphob! If they really cared about trans lives they would offer every true and honest trans woman a free HPV vaccine.

I know this is a joke, but, just fyi, all boys do get the HPV vaccine for free in grade 7.