I hope I can post this here?

A TIM swearing his head off because normal people see a man and use words we apply to men. How are any of us supposed to work when these creeps are out there constantly trying to make trouble?


Seems to be a pro-woman account.

I hope I can post this here? A TIM swearing his head off because normal people see a man and use words we apply to men. How are any of us supposed to work when these creeps are out there constantly trying to make trouble? https://twitter.com/clairenotdead/status/1389726019729379329 Seems to be a pro-woman account.


Dude is nuts and I feel for the entire staff there. Incidents like this are only gonna become more common, too - minimum wage workers are NOT paid enough to put that much thought into pronouns. On the plus side, it's gotta peak some people.

Incidents like this are only gonna become more common, too

Yup. This one is hilarious because he clearly uploaded/spread the video himself! At least Gamestop Ma'am had the dignity to be captured on video by a third party, like a good old-fashioned mangy bigfoot.

I love how the staff is sticking together though and Alex isn't backing down. He even says, "have a good night, sis" with obvious sarcasm in the end. While I find it funny I also have in the back of my mind that one of these deranged men might shoot up a place over getting "misgendered" one day.

[–] DiabolicalPinkBunny 👽💕🐇 20 points

It's probably going to happen fairly soon, and more than once that they shoot up a place.

Then we will have to deal with online warriors handling of cognitive dissonance of knowing that a shooting is obviously very bad, but also claiming that misgendering is LiTeRaL vIoLeNcE, that trans people cannot do wrong, and that anyone who offends a trans person by way of failing to properly pamper their transness is evil.

We’ll probably see a lot of “Yes, shootings are bad. But, see, you have to ask yourself: are the victims really innocent in this case? Are we not aware of the horrible crimes they committed against this long suffering trans person? This whole thing could’ve been avoided if they had simply used the correct pronouns, and not triggered anyone. Could it really be argued that they’re entirely without blame for what happened to them?”

What's funny to me is he rages and calls them all "cis".

How does he know they're all "cis".

Did he cause LiTerAL viOLeNcE against them by misgendering them?

While I find it funny I also have in the back of my mind that one of these deranged men might shoot up a place over getting "misgendered" one day.

The GameStop Ma'am kicked over displays while threatening to beat up a teenager. And Dave Moscato tried to dox a grocery manager who didn't cater to him (which went hilariously arwry when the internet instead raised a GoFundMe to give the poor manager a vacation 😆).

I'm honestly surprised one of these deranged TIMs hasn't already assaulted and/or shot some poor minimum wage clerk for hurting their gender feelings. I feel like its only a matter of time

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 51 points

Wonder if these jackasses would find it validating to be called ... KAREN?

[–] [Deleted] 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 49 points

One of the replies said this

Nobody thinks this is a woman, otherwise this clip would be doing the rounds with "OMG check out this fucking Karen!"

Ain't that the bloody truth.

[–] immersang ★♫☆❉★♬☆ 28 points

Just wanted to comment that: Any woman behaving remotely like that? KAREN! Even in cases where she might actually have reason to complain.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 24 points

Yes, exactly. The fact these creatures are never called such things shows that nobody believes even for a millisecond they’re women, and that “Karen” is a misogynist slur.

He called the staff "cunts and Karens".

Dude... you are the customer, and they are the minimum wage staff you're verbally abusing. You want to speak to the manager.

But he still knows who the women are when he's targeting them.

Ohhhh yes! Please let’s start calling them Karen! They want to be women don’t they?! 🤷🏼‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️

[–] butchnerd 67 points Edited

"what was that? you said 'Have a good night, sir'? what the FUCK is that??"

Imagine how mentally ill you must be to chimp out on a worker telling you to have a good night... Lmao

Edit: since a lot of people think this is racist somehow... I learned in biology class that human beings have 98% of our DNA in common with chimpanzees. That's all humans, of every race and color. Also, this guy is white? Good grief. We all need to go outside more.

My favorite part was when the guy behind the counter said: "You're crazy, bro" and this unhinged dude turned around for like the tenth time and went: "Bro?! Did you just call me bro? Don't throw slurs at me, you piece of shit!" A very stable individual indeed.

LOL!!! Me, too!! He is absolutely nuts. Bonkers. Unhinged. Needs serious therapy.

Yeah! Imagine how out of touch with reality you gotta be to take that video of yourself and post it, thinking it will make you look like a human rights activist or whatever the hell he's aiming for. Absolutely unhinged. At least the "It's MA'AM!" dude didn't record himself.

Needs serious therapy.

His therapist will tell him he was stunning and brave to stand up to those evil transphobes <3

This TIM would have an aneurysm if he was ever in California ("bro" & "dude" are gender neutral terms here). 🤣

I can't wait to be asked for my pronouns. I will insist on dude/dude.

isn't "chimp out" a racist term?

Only if any reference to apes and monkeys is racist? I don't think it is unless you use it to describe a black person.

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 16 points

Seems to be used that way, yeah. I’d never heard it before today. Sounds similar to going apeshit, which I’ve never heard of being racist, at least here in Australia.

[–] v_o_la 11 points Edited

Yeah. It started on 4chan as cheap racist bullshit likening black people to violent apes (how original!). Later it evolved into more of a general use insult, but you can fucking bet that people still remember exactly what it was coined for.

I don't see any reason to use that term when there are a million synonyms (flip out, explode, blow a fuse, fly off the handle) that get the point across just as well without the fuckery.

Ah. Thanks for this. I think comparing raging men to raging chimpanzees is a helpful analogy. It really makes it clear what they are doing. They are terrorizing and intimidating.

[–] notyourfetish 9 points Edited

Everyday I learn something new about people. Everyday I'm disappointed.

It always put me in mind of the chimp that ripped off that woman's face, interesting to know the origin.

[–] OneStarWolf 6 points Edited

I’ve only ever heard it as a slur against black people until now. Eye raising at the very least, but I’d give the benefit of the doubt just in case.

I don’t know that it is. I’ve heard be used in only non racist ways, but racists collect little code terms. It might be now.

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Well, I bet that whole fast food restaurant has peaked.

[+] [Deleted] 24 points

That abusive jerk abused minimum wage workers, most of whom are KIDS. Kids don't play this game, especially boys. They see a man, they say, "Sir." My own sons are very liberal, but they don't agree to believe nonsense. Toward the end, when the boy being abused said, "You're crazy, Bro!" I almost fell out of my chair laughing. He had had it. Everyone in that restaurant are now going to dislike all trans people. They are their own worst enemy.

My own sons are very liberal, but they don't agree to believe nonsense.

I am soooooooooo happy to hear that. Men who say abusive things about women (any Manosphere type crap) infuriate me, but lately the worst thing a man can say is TWAW. That is like saying women are nothing. I am very pleased to hear your sons didn't drink the TWAW Kool-aid.

Exactly. I have to trust that the think that will peak the world is really just interactions with actual trans people.

[–] [Deleted] 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 12 points Edited

Same.Laughing so hard. "you're crazy bro!" And the part he's upset about is bro. Bro is a slur to him. The crazy part, that's fine, no issues there. But that "bro" ooooh such transphobic harassment!

[–] crispycherrypie 57 points Edited

Holy shit he's actually insane. That's not a man with a fetish throwing a tantrum, that's mad ravings of a homeless guy who refuses to take his meds crazy.

Edit: oh my god he accuses people of being sex-obsessed while calling himself "commiedickgirl" on twitter. The irony is going to kill me.

Yes, like insane-insane. There’s another video in the comments that seriously has me worried for people’s safety. He’s walking down the street at night talking about “one of these days…”, making threats towards “terfs”- and then this lunatic pulls out a gun and keeps whispering “for self defense, for self defense...”

If he considers being called sir/bro literal violence, then he’ll claim that justifies self defense. He needs to be arrested and be stripped of any weapons asap.

Which is scary, because for many retail workers, sir/ma'am is reflexive. Soothing a stranger's gendersoul wasn't part of the job description.

I was in court once when young lawyers were using "sir" as a kind of filler word while addressing the judge, which they always did. Trouble was the visiting judge was a ma'am. She did mildly chastise one or two of them. I still recall their stricken faces every time "sir" reflexively popped out.

All of which just reinforces that we talk using a lot of remembered phrases and it's hard not to do it.

making threats towards “terfs”- and then this lunatic pulls out a gun and keeps whispering “for self defense, for self defense...”

Has this creep been doxed? Because he needs to be reported to the FBI immediately. Of course, in Wokemerica, the woman who calls the FBI might be the one taken into custody :(

While I think the woman being taken in would be more of a concern in europe, I can definitely see this being reported to the FBI, and then it immediately being taken as “this poor transwoman is being persecuted by the pigs for no reason whatsoever, poor baby..”

I remember when the Atlantic ran the article in how ovarit was a hate group, and one of her bullshit references was some blog post- what professional research there- about how innocent trans people were being banned from Twitter for making perfectly innocent “jokes” about violence and death against other people. What oppression! What silencing! All they did was say they really wished and wanted other people were dead or would get hurt, or that they would do the hurting and killing themselves. I mean, REALLY, obviously they’re joking right? Poor people, getting banned for making jokes that were obviously jokes . /s

And it would probably be the same story. The TRA community would present this as this poor transwoman, who is now under investigation by the fbi just for blowing off steam by waving a gun around. It’s always, always okay when TIMs and TIFs do it.

“Stop trying to gaslight trans people...” I’m so tired of people without lives off the internet learning psychological terns and using them completely incorrectly. I swear, anything they don’t like is gaslighting and abuse now

Actual gaslighting of a TIM would be to tell them in a patronizing tone:

"Nobody here is laughing at you. I don't hear anyone snickering. Do you? Nobody's staring at you. What, do you see boys in the corner booth leaning over like they're retching and pointing at you? I don't see any boys in the corner. That booth looks empty to me. Here, let me take some pictures of you because you're so feminine. I'm going to post these to Kiwi Farms. What? I didn't say Kiwi Farms. What's Kiwi Farms? You're hearing things. Here, let me take just one more. Strike a pose. You want me to send you copies? Of what? I didn't take any pictures."

What a ride - all they said was “Have a good night, sir” but apparently ‘sir’ is the same as the n-word!

He was leaving but then he comes back to harass the workers yelling “You have no right to harass me!” Then a strong follow up with “You have NO RIGHT to call me a slur, you [actual slur]!” Wild.

And I've never seen a black person react to a slur like that.

This shows how privileged they are. The average minority would just keep walking because we deal with that crap everyday: we're used to it; hate is our reality. Imagine how exhausting it would be for me, a black lesbian, to get mad and throw a tantrum every time I had to deal with racism or sexism or homophobia??? It's a lot easier to just not care and move on.

But a straight white dude gets called "sir" once and loses it. He's not used to mistreatment. Why? Because TIMs are not oppressed minorities and have no idea how to handle microaggressions, even imaginary ones. Lmao.

I don't even have to look at the video to know he's a straight white man, either. (Feel free to laugh at me if I'm wrong. Bet I'm not.)

And I've never seen a black person react to a slur like that.

Because Black people know they'll face consequences if they throw a violent tantrum at a bunch of white teenagers. This white TIM expected to be treated as a new civil rights hero for attacking kids at Burger King

I'm a white European woman so i only know the sexism axis. I don't know if this is a stupid or insensitive question, be free to tell me, but which do you experience as worst in your daily life? I'm in a white as fuck place, i have one friend who is mixed race and he says he has never experienced racism in our country (which is cool even though a bit hard to believe).

He has a manly ass voice and a manly ass demeanor, of course people are going to treat him that way. He’s not even trying to pass. On top of that, he’s being hysterical over nothing. Women get told “hey guys” or get called “bro” regularly and we don’t whine as much as this. Plus, the fact that he compared sis/bro to the n-word was so fucking gross. That’s how you know these people just want to be oppressed, they’re always comparing our experiences as POC, especially black people, to give some faulty ass credibility to the lunacy they have going on. Not surprised any of this is coming from someone who calls themselves “commiedickgirl”

Exactly. I’ve seen countless women get disrespected by customer service people and you know what 99% don’t do? Start raging, cussing people out, threatening to go to corporate, and just losing their shit. I’ve seen one woman get riled up toward another woman but have I EVER seen a woman go off this hard on a teenage boy or a group that included several men? Nope. They really don’t get that their aggressive confrontations are a response only socially and safely suited for...men

I have just plain never seen a woman make a spectacle in public. I have seen uncountable men, public urination and defecation, shouting racial slurs at people, raging at minimum wage workers, harassing women, loudly shouting insane bullshit and trying to get random people to fight them, .. this is just various instances from the top of my head.

Be mindful of other people? What about the entire class of people whos identity you're wearing like a creepy skinsuit?

TRAs really are their own worst enemies.

They are indeed. Most "terfs" and now even the men who make fun of them used to be supportive until their behaviour was observed.

Is this the same person?? Commie Dick Gurl?? The Twitter account is locked down. https://www.reddit.com/user/CommieDickgurl

My eyes!!!!!!!!!!! Very few TIM don't look like serial killers to me. This guy has that "I would knock you down, tie you up, shove you in the trunk of my car, and you'll be praying for a quick death" look. Is it the over the top clown makeup? I'm one of those people who is terrified of clowns. Maybe that's part of why TIM scare me instantly when I see them.

They all have the psycho eyes. It’s because they’re trying to imitate wide eyed anime girls UWU and/or are actually psycho

Dear lord you weren't exaggerating. That's just plain buffalo bill.

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