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Interesting. I assume that the ‘nude parade’ was still in effect in 1976 when a commentator stated that Princess Anne was the only Olympian not subject to it. They clearly were males maybe with a DSD which is why they pulled out. I wonder if the Soviets were doing what these African countries are doing now—specifically scouting for males with DSDs. And once the sex tests became a thing they switched to doping which was totally a thing by 1976 with the notorious East German swimmers.

The IOC has got to get a handle on the DSD issue before these countries stop scouting for them and start breeding them. I was impressed that the NYT finally admitted that Semenya is a dude.

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The NYT admitted Semenya is male? When?

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In the article they refer to him as intersex and ‘female identifying’. All the other media has called him a woman with ‘naturally-occurring high testosterone. (Of course it occurs naturally he has testes, that’s what they do!) even though the ruling clearly states that it only applies to XYs with DSDs. They make it sound like it applies to women with high testosterone and it doesn’t.