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Wow that second article ("How Do I Define My Gender if No One Is Watching Me?”) is a real specimen of the twisted gobbledygook theory of self expression that is gender ideology.

trans pain is not the birthright of trans people, but it is foisted on us by a world that perennially refuses to let us define ourselves for ourselves and that too often cares about our visibility only as spectacle, not as recognition.


Sometimes the essay even lives up to its title in seemingly saying that gender identity only exists in relation to outside pressure. And it ends on such a nice note:

to be able to see one another, and ourselves, with a more compassionate and nuanced eye. Not as what society tells us we must be, but as who we are. To do that, I think, would be to truly emerge into a world made new.

But it's all in the context of a guy saying that while his first plastic gender surgery was coerced, the second one was really him and he can't wait for the world to react to it..