People who advocate for censorship should realize that the same beast they created can come back and bite them in the ass. Pro-censorship people assume they have ALL the correct opinions (and think that their opinions will always STAY correct), and they don't understand that their political side won't ALWAYS be the one with the power to censor.

You see this readily with Democrats and Republicans--they create authoritarian laws to try to control the power and influence of the other party, seemingly forgetting than when the administration changes, the other party will gleefully use those same policies to squash them.

This. It’s a lesson everyone would do well to remember (including in GC circles).


What an idiot.

It would be funny if real women were not suffering because of this man's idiocy (or evil, whatever you think is the more likely reason.)

I am going with evil. Stupidity is a justification that makes the action less severe because the people in question do not understand what they are doing. I don' t think that' s the case, I think these assholes are just plain evil and/or greedy.

In Yousless' (as he is nicknamed) case it's probably both. He's so dim he asked a group of Ukrainian women he met yesterday where all the men were...... https://twitter.com/BBCJamesCook/status/1636385968570908679

I believe that one of the Mermaids loonies brought a private prosecution against Miranda Yardley for transphobia when the crown dropped the case.

When the cops inevitably let this go, is there any GC person in Scotland who would be willing take up a private prosecution against HY? Let him be the test case for his own law. I would donate money I don’t even have to see this happen.

Fantastic. I am glad this idiot got tangled in his own mess. Hopefully it will go as far as possible and send a big warning signal to other politicians who are trying to force through unworkable, irrational law that polices thought and puts women and girls in harm's way.

I've joked about doing that, I've never had the steel ovaries to actually do it. Surely it still counts as a non crime hate incident?

It should be! If the police would investigate a woman over a suffragette ribbon, they should take this seriously as well, especially since HY made his remark on Debate Night in front of a huge audience! Better search his house for any offending material too. 😆

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Who reported him? Was it a gc person trying to make a point? Or was it a TRA so deranged that they believe denying this rapist's transness is genuine bigotry?

Most definitely someone trying to make a point. The person told The Scottish Daily Express: "I'm hoping that the letter will expose how easily the legislation can be used to silence dialogue. It should be repealed immediately." Besides TRAs generally turn a blind eye to any misbehavior of other TRAs.

Sadly, it wasn't clear in the article if he was being trolled or just eaten by one of his own. I was also curious :/

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I suspect he's being trolled but you can't rule anything out with TRAs!