If this is the hill the Democrats are hellbent on dying on, I hope they get used to 16 years of DeSantis-Haley. So much for “wE FoLLoW tEh sCiEnCe.”

DeSantis stresses me out because I can't get a clear read on him; obviously he's bad on abortion like the rest of the current Republican party, but apart from that I'm not sure. I applaud his pushback on the trans shit and reducing the overly sexual content being pushed on kids, and he seems like one of the only American politicians who DOES anything these days, but I'm also 50% certain he might be really evil. I've always said that another Trump who was actually competent would be the scariest thing we have ever seen.

My hope is that IF DeSantis should get elected, since he's highly educated and politically savvy (i.e. not like Trump), that he will shrewdly moderate himself in office because he would understand that he couldn't be too extreme if he wanted to get voted in for a second term.

Sometimes I think his plan is to be super provocative and controversial now so that he makes the headlines constantly--since very few people know who he is at this point, especially compared to Trump--and then moderate himself a little bit during his campaign and a little bit more in office. At least he isn't 100 years old like some of the other options either!

It probably doesn't matter, though, because I think Trump is going to fuck the next election up really badly for everyone; I wish they could just send him away or make some of his criminal charges stick or SOMETHING because he will never bow out gracefully. He is genuinely the purest kind of narcissist that has no allegience to any particular ideologies but simply thirsts for more and more power.

Trump will pull a chunk of votes from DeSantis, that is guaranteed.

DeSantis hasn't even declared he'd run. But you are right. It does seems like h's the only political person in the US right now who's actually doing things and doing his job.

His FL records are public. Instead of suspecting if he's evil, one can look into information out there what he's done. I personally think it's premature as he hasn't even declared he's be in the race. He actually has a good reason to sit out this one, as you said.

That's the thing that made me see Democrats aren't pro-science. You can't make fun of young earth creationists while believing in non binary and trans. Different side of the same kooky coin. They're just as much anti-science as all the other nutjobs.

Lots of liberals believe in astrology.

Isn't that strange? I have noticed that too. What a turn off. At first, I thought people were just interested in it as like a "throwback" or historical novelty, but no. I have most noticed it amongst younger women (20's) I have met at get togethers through mutuals.

I still don't understand why this is the hill they want to die on . . . For die they will.

Where I've made some headway with more liberal friends is where they realize that the hormones and treatments are less reversible for girls than for boys. It never occurred to them that it wouldn't be the same for both.

It's overwhelming how many well meaning kind hearted people have mistaken "Women should be treated equally to men" for "There are no biological differences between women and men". You see this with the sports issue too. So many people desperate for a compromise suggesting TIMs and TIFs play against each other... even though that's been tried and the TIMs still crushed the TIFs.

Your experience with your friends just goes to show that many otherwise educated, aware and "with it" people are still totally oblvious of the thousands of physical differences between human males and females. The fact that it never occurred to them that the impact of these interventions wouldn't be the same for both sexes stems from the ages-old sexist/misogynistic view that regards male humans as the default, standard human being, and sees female humans as the same as males except shorter, weaker, with breasts and different reproductive organs. When the reality is that we are different in thousands of ways. Our cells, tissues and many of the organs and systems we have in common (hearts, lungs, bones, respiratory system, kidneys, liver, digestive system, immune function) differ in aspects of the ways they are structured and function. Therefore, girls and boys respond to the same phenemona including medications, exogenous hormones, hormone blockers and the endogenous hormones we produce naturally in different ways.

Also, the idea that puberty of adolescence is entirely or mostly the result of the two sex hormones estrogen and testosterone is just a theory. We really don't understand yet how much of puberty in either sex is driven by genes, how much is driven by hormones, and how much is a combination of both. The sex hormones FSH and LH might play many as-yet undiscovered roles in puberty too. Then there's progesterone, which the sexist eeejits who came up with the idea of "transition" ignore because they think the only sex hormones that matter in human beings are testosterone and estrogen.

BTW, I wonder how old these friends of yours are. And do they have children? If yes, do they have kids of both sexes?

Don't worry, progesterone has been discovered: its commonly prescribed to men who have lost their sex drives because of estrogen 🤮 and the folk advice amongst the Trans is to insert the pill rectally 🤮🤮

To be honest, public opinion is more supportive than I thought it would be. Almost half of people either support or are unsure whether a teen girl should be able to get her breasts cut off. That's scary.

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Trans ideology is at odds with reality, so its really no wonder that its unpopular with any sane person.

Grateful if someone could post an archive link. Thanks

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