Better headline:

Iowa set to re-introduce single-sex bathrooms.

It's not transgender students who are uniquely banned from "using bathrooms of their choice." It is that nobody, trans or otherwise, gets to choose to use the bathroom that is reserved for members of the opposite sex.

But that’s sensible and doesn’t allow certain people to be victims when they have to follow the same rules and customs as everyone else.

It's the dishonesty that bothers me.

Some trans activists openly say that all restrooms should be unisex. Fine, if you want to advocate that then go right ahead, make your arguments, and let people either be convinced or not. No sarcasm, I'm seriously just fine with people doing that!

What pisses me off is the people arguing for allowing male people to use restrooms that are still labeled "women," and female people to use restrooms that are labeled "men." Just fucking stop with that. If you're making all facilities mixed-sex, then LABEL THEM that way.

And don't pull the crap about how "women" includes males. Everyone knows that "women" in this context actually means female people of any age, which is why little girls use the "women's" room even though they aren't women yet, and you know damn well they expect this to mean that penis people are NOT included, which is why women often bring their very young sons with them into the "women's" room rather than sending them to the penis-people room.

AAARRGH sorry I know I'm preaching to the choir here. Just so fucking sick of the sly play-innocent routine about this. The gendies know damn well that if they offer a clearly-labeled mixed-sex restroom and a clearly-labeled female-only restroom, women will choose the female-only room. And, knowing that, their solution is to HIDE THE LABELS rather than to respect what women want.

When I was younger, I sometimes had really heavy periods, so by the time I got to a (sometimes) public restroom, it was a MESS. I can't imagine being that young, dealing with a heavy period in a public bathroom, and there's a MAN in the next stall being SEXUALLY AROUSED by my predicament! Waiting for me to leave so he could dig my tampon AND my pad out of that little "mailbox" of a container attached to the bathroom wall. The prick waiting for my stall door to open for him to come out, and maybe bump into me, "oh sorry" (SURE YOU'RE SORRY, RIGHT), try to make eye contact, or just the leer on his face, smelling the odor of menstrual blood. Yes, I'm visualizing one particular messy period in one particular public bathroom, and imagining a man in the next stall.