KJK identifies as a pro-woman activist. Every time they change “pro-woman” to “anti-trans” they admit that they think they’re synonymous.

They are so desperate to tie KJK to the far right that they are willing to flirt with defamation to do it. The Let Women Speak rally had to end 15 minutes early because the organisers were advised by the police that the nazis were coming and the police would have to step between the TRAs and the nazis therefore they would not be in a position to protect the women from either group. KJK said the nazis were there because of the TRAs and she is absolutely correct. The nazis did a march past and saluted the TRAs while ignoring the women. If they were there to support the women they would have saluted KJK and ignored the TRAs. The Daily Mail is sailing very close to the wind with that story. Even The Guardian didn't dare link KJK to the nazis, and some media agencies only mention the TRAs and the nazis and pretend that the women weren't even there.

KJK also mentioned in her event recap video that the police told them they might have to end early due to animal abuse. TRAs were allegedly getting under the mounted police and kicking the horses in the stomach.

Yes, I saw that too. Someone said to me that even nazis wouldn't stoop so low as to abuse animals.

Man, you know you’ve hit rock bottom’s basement when a Nazi thinks you’re going too far.

Wow! What a crummy article! The optics are so bad! Really clarifying for the general public, eh?

I reckon they will be editing it bit by bit as the complaints and threats of legal action roll in.

Is KJK really a "self-described transphobe"? Being pro-woman is not the same as being a "transphobe" (except amongst the TRA). Has anyone actually heard her say this?

No, but I have heard someone ask her "do you think you're a transphobe?" And she's responded with something like "no one knows what that means. It seems like it means pro-womens rights so yes I am" or something. I thought it was clear she was saying "I don't really care who calls me that bc it seems to be synonymous with pro women's rights" but she may have either said this or refused to argue with it.

First, being a gender specials does not make you an activist, and second she is a woman's/children's rights activist. Absolutely pathetic "journalism".