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The difference is that we didn't want to "get rid" of them like they did with us, nor did we chase them off a social media platform. Notice how all of their subreddits are still up and active.

From their harassment, attempts at censorship, graphic threats of rape and murder, descriptions of their fantasies about killing/hurting us, etc... it's clear that there's only one true "hateful" side.

They got what they wanted (validation, demonising "terfs", censoring women they disagree with), but we didn't get what we wanted (freedom to discuss the issues important to us on reddit without being subjected to graphic threats & harassment, the rules of reddit to apply equally to these violent people, not having our subreddits removed). They "won". So why are they still obsessed with us? Why do they go out of their way to stalk and infiltrate our spaces?

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They're pathological bullies and solipsistic narcissists. They don't feel good unless they're hurting someone.