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I've noticed that their content stream has dwindled as well. I browsed gendercritical for about a month before it was banned, so I didn't notice how active it was, but Ovarit produces 2.5 pages of new posts a day and they barely get content from that.

I think that they have to cherry pick stuff (which led to a lack of material for them) because most of Ovarit is coherent, makes sense to the normal person, and they don't want to accidentally peak the people of the subreddit. I bet some of those who used to search Ovarit/GC for posts to make fun at peaked (that's how I and most women I know got here) and it's only a matter of time until we get a post that says "I used to contribute to AHS/GenCyn and now I've peaked". This comment must hit a bit too close to home for the lurkers, and they won't screencap this for their subreddit because they know it's true 😉

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Yeah I've noticed that too. Sometimes I actually go there to see how they're making fun of us because often it's ridiculous, and they do cherry-pick the more random things from here, like someone posting something kind of conservative that doesn't even really vibe much with the rest of the users here. It's like the content went down because the majority realized we're actually quite sane.