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They just want to feel good about themselves and think that they are right. Back when the r/gc subs were still a thing I used to read them sometimes and I always wanted to comment and correct their claims because they just constantly post misinformed, poorly argued, sloppily presumed responses to what they find. It's really frustrating, but of course they don't want conversation, they are not "a debate sub", their whole purpose is to point and laugh and reassure themselves that there are no cracks in the firmament.

I think they don't even allow links to posts from debate subs and are very heavily moderated to keep out any posts that might tip anyone the wrong way.. I doubt they post too much from Ovarit. They probably capture a few random out of context comments here or there, but otherwise find any dumb or bad anti-TR arguments from twitter, and combine it with news/ memes they misrepresent or take from their angle. But if there's too much rational conversation on the link, it'll be bothersome for them.

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They just want to feel good about themselves and think that they are right.

I think this is the heart of the matter. They think that by taking our posts out of context, or deliberately missing the point, they find some kind of "gotcha!". They think this will somehow convince people that GC feminists are evil and don't deserve to have a voice in the trans issue.

From what I see of their posts recently, they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel. They frame perfectly reasonable arguments as insane.

They do occasionally find a transphobic comment (slurs, calling for harm against trans, etc) and that should be called out. But those comments never come from Ovarit.