I used to be a literal card-carrying member of the ACLU, but given their stance on a number of issues -- including promoting "trans" rights over the rights of women -- I can no longer support them.

Me too. My first post on Ovarit asked if I should renew my ACLU membership. I was aghast at their campaign putting men in women's prisons.

Indeed, rates of suicidal behavior among youth have increased since 2011.

Hmmmm -- just about the time that smart phones became really popular. D'ya suppose there's a connection between screen time and emotional issues such as depression and suicidality?

I see the ACLU losing a lot of their credibility after the dust settles. Which is a shame in a way, because they’ve actually done some important things.

They already have devoted themselves to getting proven male rapists, murderers, and pedophiles into women's jail cells--I think we're already long past them losing credibility. They've gone from being the great defenders of freedom to being just another fascistic and dogmatic branch of the "Church of Woke and Stamping out Independent Thought."

There is nobody else on earth that can threaten suicide and get exactly what they want as opposed to being admitted to a hospital on an involuntary psych hold.

The "War on Opioids" has done jack shit for the addiction problem but has done incalculable damage to people who legitimately need opioids for severe and medically diagnosed pain. As doctors who prescribed these got scared of liability, many even cut their legit pain patients off without allowing them to safely taper down and thus adding withdrawal to their miseries.

Sadly, this is often the way totally compliant and legit long term pain patients get forced into using street drugs out of near suicidal desperation to manage their pain and/or withdrawal. Pain medicine also got rid of opioids without having anything else effective to offer these patients instead.

I think untold numbers of suicides and deadly overdoses on street drugs could be blamed on the horrifically negligent way this has been handled, but nobody is out there compiling and publicizing those grim statistics, and nobody will ever protest in the street for them, either.

And they fucking KNEW that some of these people cut off from their meds would end up killing themselves, yet a pain patient going into her doctor and demanding pain medication or else she'd kill herself would NEVER get away with that and also get exactly what they are demanding. In fact, they'd probably use the suicide threat against you and claim that "your problem is mental illness, not actual pain."

We should demand data.

Remember when it was said that an extraordinary number of people calling suicide hotlines were gay?

Why aren't we hearing from these agencies, now, with real data?

ACLU has lost the plot. Imaging telling young, impressionable children in crisis that their only option is to affirm or you will die, as if there are no other options. What a horrible thing to do to children. They should be ashamed.

Yeah it's rally not responsible.

Youth with gender-related distress are more or less in the same category of risk as youth without gender issues but with similar psychiatric problems. [...] In the U.S., one study found, 70 percent of pediatric patients are diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or some other mental-health problem prior to receiving a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. [...] Given the high rates of preexisting psychiatric comorbidities among referred adolescents and the fact that these comorbid conditions are independently linked to suicidality, the transition-or-suicide narrative is very likely a confusion of correlation and causation.

I was just watching the 4th episode of I Am Jazz, and Jeanette was boo-hoo-ing at a rally about how, “40-50 percent of trans kids attempt suicide.”

Citation needed, Jeanette!!

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Yes, Jeanette is something. I read she has a BA in psychology, so you'd hope she'd know better. I did hear a theory that that might be why they took such a break with the show. I do hope the best for him, considering everything.