“The performers also were accused of intentionally exposing their rears, “simulating masturbation” and “graphic depictions of childbirth and/or abortion.”

One performer — decorated with red fluorescent breasts — sang a number titled “Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer,” according to a Florida Voice reporter who attended the event.“

I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but good for Florida. Start having real consequences for bad actions and we’ll get some change. They should also search the hard drives of anyone involved in the event.

B-b-but drag is just people in fun costumes! Drag queens would NEVER be sexual in front of children!

Let’s just add it to the long list of things that keep on “never” happening. Good on Florida for actually doing something.

Drag has existed for so long that literally everybody knows that’s not what it is. Why do people keep using those arguments?

“graphic depictions of childbirth and/or abortion.”


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Pritzkers own Hyatt hotels. It’s all connected.

Edit: Jennifer Pritzker is an old AGP billionaire, and he and his family have been dumping boatloads of money into institutions and organizations in order to push trans mainstream and make old AGP Pritzker seem like less of a misogynistic creep.

I've heard murmurings that whichever Pritzker is a governor plans on running for president at some point.

J.B., current governor of Illinois and brother to Jennifer Pritzker. He’s a very large, very pro-trans, corporate hack Democrat. I don’t think he’ll win, despite how much the party is pushing him. In American politics, looks still mean something.

. I don’t think he’ll win, despite how much the party is pushing him. In American politics, looks still mean something.

That, and he's not a household name like Biden or Hillary Clinton. And he's a basic rich White man (so no woke, intersectional cred)

Damn. How much shit do they own!?

Last I checked, 85%.

Boycotting Pritzker crap is gonna be as hard as boycotting Nestle. You have to really do your research to avoid their products.

Yeah, I’ve got two questions.

  1. Why are some of the shows so sexual?

  2. Why are they so fixated on including children in the more sexual shows they put on?

  3. What happened to dressing like a Princess and reading children a storybook?

This is an example of motte and bailey, confounding one position that is modest (it's just a man in sparkly clothes reading a kid book you stupid pearl clutcher!!!) and one position that is extreme (children need to watch men perform highly sexual womanface, with men imitating masturbation, sex, rape, and abortion with sex toys bought from sex shops).

That's what I'd like to know. Drag shows have been around for a long time and they were never about including children. What is this sudden push to involve children in what is a very adult form of entertainment? It happened so quickly. It wasn't a natural progression.

Do you know what a non-pedo says when children are illegal to have at their sexualized performances?


Seriously! It's just not appropriate. I don't know how we even got to a place where we have to question whether it is or not. It feels like some form of mass gaslighting.

Depictions of childbirth or abortion? In a drag show??????

None of this sounds like the drag shows I saw in the early eighties. And they certainly didn’t allow children to be in the club.

Before this trans fad blew up (and every other gay man & AGP wanted to be the next Drag Race star), drag performers were expected to have a modicum of talent. They couldn't just put on some fake tits and a dress and IMMEDIATELY be praised for their bravery.

Confession time, I actually went to a drag show at a church in 2015 or '16, well before all this drag craze. I had a friend that did drag, and he was honest-to-Goddess good at it.

Y'all, I wish every show could be like my friend's show: thick men dressed like Christian music stars lipsyncing to various songs appropriate for a church.

My friend performed to 'Hallelujah' from Shrek, and would you believe there was no twerking or sexual innuendos?

I went to a drag show in my 20s and remember it being pretty fun. It was mostly gay men so I was a bit out of place (like 60% gay men, 20% lesbians, 20% straight couples iirc), but the vibe was friendly.

Back then it was dance numbers with men dressed up as female icons like Cher, Barbara, Madonna etc. There were some ribald comedy routines. And of course, everyone was drunk. It was definitely for adults but it wasn’t GROSS, you know? More cheeky-naughty than porny-dirty.

What the fuck happened?

If this is true and there were minors this should be considered the same as showing minors porn which I believe is already a crime. Arrest the parents and charge them.

I've only taken the liquor license test in California. But I assume the laws are more or less the same in every state. So if this venue wasn't authorized to have children there during raunchy shows and/or when alcohol is served, it's their own damn fault for violating their liquor license for the sake of some stupid drag performers.

Was this move punitive on Florida's part? Most likely. But the venue still broke its own rules. Violating a liquor license is no joke.

Here’s another source which includes a few seconds of video from the show. Yep definitely appropriate for children /s

I would have liked to see more of a punishment, but it's a start.

I would have liked to see more of a punishment, but it's a start.

Losing a liquor license is a pretty severe punishment. For a lot of these venues, alcohol is large source of their profit. And many people won't book big events like weddings there if they can't have liquor

Source: I have worked for multiple restaurants and hotel venues. They can NOT afford to lose the liquor license

You're right it probably is a big deal for a luxury hotel. I've just seen them suspended so many times, but the places do often go out of business.

Most places can appeal a suspension if it was a minor offense and/or they proved to the authorities that they fixed the problem and it won't happen again. It only becomes permanent if the establishment SERIOUSLY fucked up (or just can't afford the fines).

I think ambitious politicans have to walk a fine line with punishments of this stuff, because if they come down too harshly, there will be people frothing at the mouth to call them "homophobic" and taking the heat off of the trans agenda.