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I knew that kid was on the spectrum because he sounds just like my 10 yo (and my husband for that matter). Right now my kid is obsessed with horror movies. Despite never having seen one, unless you count the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ video. He can recite the dialogue verbatim from all the Star Wars movies. Prior to this my husband was the King of Useless Star Wars Miscellany. He has passed this title on to our son.

I am desperately hoping that this shit will have burned itself out by the time my kid hits puberty because I swear to all things buttercream frosted I will go absolutely scorched earth. I will move to a fucking cabin in the woods. Totally off-grid before I’ll let the gender cult have my kid.

His occupational therapist is insistent that he needs therapy to address his self esteem issues. I’m sure she’s right, but I also know the minute he mentions having owned a doll house or tea set and his love for baking she’ll be sending him off on some gender shit. There’s a charter school here especially for neuro-diverse kids. It sounds absolutely perfect for him but again I don’t want him sucked into the fuckery. I need to do a tour and if it’s full of green-haired bunselfs I’m moping the hell out of there.

I do have a hold card I have in my arsenal. His older brother whom he adores is virulently GC. He’s mentioned several times how most of the trans at his school are on the spectrum. Hopefully seeing his big brother’s disdain for it will help.

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The virulently GC older brother is key.

I have a short-haired, extremely athletic and ectomorphic daughter who I swear to all things buttercream frosted* has every teacher, coach, and counselor she encounters doing backflips to "affirm" her. They absolutely see her as a potential "get." It is absolutely fucking maddening. These people aren't even trans themselves, trying to support someone who they think might be suffering the same disorder they do -- which, while also being enraging and transgressive, would at least be understandable. No, these people are 100% handmaidens, scouring the ranks of middle schoolers for children they can "support" to score themselves wokepoints. Deliberately mindfucking tweens in order to feel good about themselves for being allies. Don't think it's only green-haired bunselfs** you have to be cautious of! One of the worst offenders in our school is a Frosted Shingled Bob.

Anyway, we are undoing that programming every day here. And to be perfectly honest, a key part of our success is her older brother's unwavering GC viewpoint. It is invaluable to have someone of her generation knocking down the TRA bs, so it doesn't seem like our opposition is just some outdated "boomer" mindset.

*totally stealing this

*this too

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That is so awesome. His brother is seven years older so old enough to be cool but not an ‘old boomer’ like his father and I. 🙄 He already made several comments on some of the cartoons his brother watched. And made sure he saw the Strong Woman episode of South Park. I would not normally allow my 10 yo to watch that show, but needs must. I’m willing to use every weapon in my arsenal.

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Mine are pretty widely spaced as well. I am dreading his leaving for college. Thank dog they have a great relationship and are big on texting each other. My son is the one who showed her the South Park ep -- they were cackling in the basement over it.

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Sounds like a form of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy.

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I just don't understand this effort from schools to fall all over themselves regarding the trans thing. Some of our local schools have gotten shit for not allowing "political messaging" including pride flags (and it's always the horrible trans/POC/rainbow flag combo that they keep using), BLM things, anything about elections, etc. These are the same standards I had to meet 20 years ago, but teachers and parents alike have been having a fit about it the last year. Where was all this support for gay kids 5-10 years ago? Where was the effort to affirm all the homosexual kids? Instead, everyone seems to be rushing to be "okay" with all the trans stuff as if they're getting ahead of some new civil rights movement. "See, we're not bigots! We're preemptively telling every kid they're super valid, even the ones who don't seem to believe that they're the opposite sex yet! We would have marched with Martin Luther King if we were born 60 years earlier, that's how great and not bigoted we are!"

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Where was the effort to affirm all the homosexual kids? Instead, everyone seems to be rushing to be "okay" with all the trans stuff as if they're getting ahead of some new civil rights movement

Because genderism is homophobic. People are comfortable being homophobic if they can look woke doing it.

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Where was all this support for gay kids 5-10 years ago?

Coincidentally coincides with the rise in social media. Everyone is much more aware now. To the point that we're all anxious to not mess up, and to be well liked. Organizations are all about PR... so it makes sense.

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The book Desist, Detox, & Detrans has tips for how to find a GC therapist. Highly recommend reading it for all parents. It’s a quick read and you can even buy the pdf for like $5.

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Thank you SO much. His OT has been harassing me about therapy for nearly a year now but I’ve put her off. Will definitely look into this book.

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I knew that kid was on the spectrum

Me too.

Increase in autism leads to increase in children with social issues? Shocking.

What’s tragic is that people are actively pushing this while KNOWING these kids are autistic.

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Hey there, i don't have children and not sure if that'll still happen haha would you mind sharing with us how you managed it that the older brother became GC? I can only imagine how hard it is to counter this stuff when it's being taught at school.

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I wish I could take credit for that but I really can’t. He’s almost 17 and is hands down the most stubborn individual I’ve ever met. I’m talking he’d be burned as a heretic stubborn. His father and I wanted him to be a critical thinker, not a follower. So any viewpoint had to be logical and make sense. He can be talked around, but it has to be with sound reasoning. It’s exhausting but he’s not a follower.

When he was about 12 his best friend who came out as a lesbian at 10 decided she was actually a boy. When she talked about being a boy because she liked sports and video games, my son pulled off his football boot to show her painted toenails. The boy does love nail polish and has since he was a toddler.

All their friends went along with the gender woo. Used her boy name, etc... He refused. For one thing, as he pointed out, her given name and her nickname are both gender neutral. I hadn’t discussed my GC views with him at this point. Basically he concluded on his own that gender woo was just like religion and made no sense. He’s been an atheist since the age of 12 despite having several priests in the family.

They parted ways which is sad because this girl was like one of my own children. Then they hit high school and one of their teachers came out as a TIM. The kids were horrified even though he’s not obnoxious or anything. Suddenly it lost its cachet and kids started desisting including his former friend. There’s still a few left but they just get shunned as attention whores.

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Nerds have nowhere to go. Nerds used to have transferable skills. One nerd was better at programming, the other at art. These skills were a sort of currency. Once they were free of the school’s grip, men like my husband went out into the world to nerd it up.

This seems like a two fold problem she’s discussing. One, autistic people or those on the spectrum are more vulnerable to gender dysphoria and are targeted by the Trans Cult.

The other is social contagion. Generally those into art, writing, technology and social sciences tend to be Liberal and the new liberal doctrine is the trans cult. Any activity or hobby that allows escapism is now dominated by TIMs. They talk a lot about DnD or video games because they get to play a sexy UwU girl they see in their hentai porn when everyone else just wants to slay dragons or blow off steam playing a villain or hero. They’re so creatively bankrupt because everything revolves around sex and their “gender identity” which ruins the fun for everyone else who might actually want to enjoy immersing themselves in an epic story. So yeah, plenty of nerds around still, we just keep it downlow because we don’t want our fun ruined by fetishists.

[–] OatsNeckties 25 points (+25|-0)

I saw a discussion on Tumblr that they are approaching "identities" like they're fandoms.

[–] Lilim 18 points (+18|-0)

Someone on here referred to TRAs as the Gender Fandom and it’s so perfect.

[–] jvsmine 17 points (+17|-0)

THIS. I used to have a friend who is a TIM. everything, literally everything we watched, he would moan and sigh and talk about how hot everyone was. like.... um yeah okay, that's fine, but there's other stuff going on and this isn't how women act.

a few months before I cut ties, he told me his video game handle and it had something to do with his ladydick of course. these people are obsessed with genitals, sex, gender. they bring this obsession into fandoms to ruin those too, claiming two characters are really trans women who wanna be lesbians together, that Sirius Black is really non-binary, etc. trans people have ruined so much of what is enjoyable. I saw a post here yesterday about someone who doesn't feel comfortable going to all-women dance groups etc bc now there's at least always one TIM.

they seriously won't be satisfied until every person and fandom and activity has been infected by trans.

[–] goatsauce 11 points (+11|-0)

I honestly think a lot of these people not only treat gender and sexuality like a fandom, but sex itself. Sex isn't real to them, it's not something they're actively doing with another person or really even want to do with another person, because their imaginary sex life feels better. Sex, instead of a physical act between two people (or I guess more, given our currently cultural moors), is now like a strange super power or magical ability in a fantasy world. It's not satisfying unless you keep finding the next cooler, weirder niche sex thing to be into. Why have the ability to fly if you could have the ability to fly, super strength, and shoot lasers out your eyes? Why be satisfied with the fantasy of vanilla sex with a normal woman if you could instead imagine wild crazy furry sex with a woman with a foot-long dick and giant cat ears? All aspects of their lives and their sense of self is ingrained in an imaginary place because the real world just doesn't live up to it, but we're all stuck having to deal with their fantasy bullshit.

[–] viragoeternal 6 points (+6|-0)

the thing is, the real world is way, way better if you get your priorities straight. fantasy doesn't cut it the way true friendship and having material experiences does. they are cheating themselves of what they could have for this shadow world.

[–] notyourfetish 6 points (+6|-0)

They’re so creatively bankrupt because everything revolves around sex and their “gender identity” which ruins the fun for everyone else who might actually want to enjoy immersing themselves in an epic story.

Still annoyed at BioWare for ignorantly supporting this BS and rewriting game lore in my favorite game of all time (Mass Effect) to turn asari into gender specials when they were always freaking women. Also, the voice of Commander Shepard being a TIF in Dragon Age . . .

Granted, it didn't have a huge impact on the game, but it was still annoying that it was there. Especially given what transgenderism actually represents.

And if you criticize any of it, you'll be tarred and feathered by the Tumblr mob.

Lol, I just can't anymore. Video games were already sexist and toxic, and then they added this stuff. Yeah. Sane female gamers are lowkey. I don't think we've been outspoken for a long time now.

[–] OatsNeckties 26 points (+26|-0) Edited

And the irritating thing about all of this is that when the clinics start rolling back what they offer because the lawsuits start coming in, no one is going to give two shits because it's not neurotypical people who are being harmed.

[–] Belemnite 17 points (+17|-0)

Not entirely true, I promise. There are a lot of neurotypical people fighting this shit because it’s always wrong to abuse people. Kids, adults, neurotypical or not. It’s wrong. There are many GC people even now mourning the lesbian and gay kids who will look back a decade from now and ask why this was allowed to happen.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie 12 points (+13|-1)

The neurotypicals are all the non binaries who didn’t take hormones or have surgeries and just wanted to fit in.

[–] Lolo 24 points (+25|-1)

Good article, thanks for posting. Maybe if the kids realised how small their dating pool will be, that they will, in general, not be accepted as lesbians, they would not want to transition as much.

I think there's a myth going around that they'll be more like to find a gf.

[–] notyourfetish 3 points (+3|-0) Edited

I think there's a myth going around that they'll be more like to find a gf.

Because pornsick "transbian" TIMs have brainwashed people into believing that being a lesbian is a constant orgy.

[–] immersang 21 points (+21|-0) Edited

All in all she very much seems on the right track with how she views this topic.

And yet...

It would be one thing if my kid were suicidal, or had always had some problem with the idea of himself as a man. I know that’s a very real thing for some kids. But he seemed to think he could take estrogen just because he wanted to, and treated the whole thing like it didn’t really matter that much.

Why would that make a difference? Would she hand her suicidal son experimental drugs instead of, I don't know, therapy? If yes, hopefully her son will never get in touch with the TRAs online who groom kids into threatening suicide to blackmail their own parents.

Edited to add:

I also don't think she's right when it comes to her "he's doing this because nerds aren't welcome anymore" thought process. I'd say it's the opposite: Nerds have become mainstream. If anything, the trans train seem to be the new way for many of them to be "special".

[–] XX_Power 22 points (+23|-1)

I share your criticisms and want to add: parents need to have an honest look at their children's porn consumption. They need to find out asap after this trans coming out what the boy watches and how much. I'll eat a chair if the majority of these boys are not watching violent, degrading, sissy hypno etc porn, for possibly hours every day. Then they need to consequently take away devices. It's a numbers game, you won't shield all porn and trans indoctrination from him, but if you can shield him from 80 to 95% and just make it really hard and annoying to access it, you're already winning.

Went on a tangent here, but it drives me mad that these women spend hours describing their kid's often completely mundane interests, that frankly only they care about, and then mention porn in one half sentence.

[–] immersang 15 points (+16|-1) Edited

You make a very good point there. Yes, absolutely.

Women on this platform sometimes talk about the "not my Nigel" phenomenon when other women talk about how their husband/boyfriend/partner is different, but I think "not my wonderful special boy who I raised" might even be the bigger phenomenon. The author of this piece wouldn't be the first mother I know who's blind to her son's not-so-nice qualities.

[–] XX_Power 7 points (+8|-1)

Yes it's a total not my Nigel. As i mentioned i find these descriptions of their sons boring hobbies so tedious, i had to skip whole paragraphs and it's not just this article. I can only imagine how hard this is to confront as the mother (or father), and i get that they're proud of their sons achievements, but really we need the gritty details that get to the root of the issue and less fluff about minecraft

[–] emptiedriver 9 points (+10|-1)

Why would that make a difference? ...

Eh, I think she just kind of gave a quick nod to the idea that suicidal effeminate GNC boys need to transition to show she's not stepping on anyone's toes. She gives that storyline the benefit of the doubt because specialists have okayed it. But her kid has a personality she knows well and she can see the pattern, so the problem is he's getting mixed into a diagnosis that does not apply. Instead of trying to unwrap the whole theoretical thing, she's discussing the part that she knows. Maybe some other people have a legit need, but there's a portion of the population who are in danger of getting caught up in it that she is an expert on

I also don't think she's right when it comes to her "he's doing this because nerds aren't welcome anymore" thought process. I'd say it's the opposite: Nerds have become mainstream. If anything, the trans train seem to be the new way for many of them to be "special".

Absolutely, though I couldn't really follow if she was saying that nerds aren't welcome, or that they just don't have a subculture anymore because their culture has become so dissolved into the mainstream... The whole end bit was kind of confusing. But yeah, she said he was into video games but then that "nerd had gone"? No, just choose what to be a nerd about...

But I think geeks are the new nerds. KWIM?

Furthermore, I think there's a difference between old fashioned nerds who existed before Bill Gates and present day computer geeks. Imo, computer geeks who have some semblance of social skills are more accepted than nerds who are just considered weird.

I also disagreed when she said she didn’t know what was going on with her son because it’s “his healthcare”.


[–] gluhbirne 13 points (+13|-0)

I think she meant that she wasn't going to specifically list the other health conditions he has so as not to violate his privacy -- not that she considered the hormones "healthcare".

[–] mathlover 19 points (+26|-7)

Eh. Nerdy/autistic boys don't get a pass. If they are young autogynephiles, they are just as creepy and rapey as predatory adult AGPs are.

[–] WholeGrain 29 points (+31|-2)

Imo boys are minors and they get dragged into this. We shouldn't have to accept any children being groomed like this. They should get the chance to grow up to be healthy, well-adjusted individuals. But saying they are just like adult AGPs means giving up the fight. After all like 80% - 90%+ turn out to defect in the end if they don't go on medication.

Though, I know what you mean, especially considering recent statistics of sexual crimes committed by boys. They don't get a pass indeed. But that's exactly why we need to care about this and prevent the spread, and that can be done by making people aware.

[–] JLT 17 points (+18|-1)

But saying they are just like adult AGPs means giving up the fight.

Does it? Nothing is stopping adult AGP from turning over a new leaf and not being creepy pieces of shits. I would argue that it's important to hold them responsible so they can be aware and change. Having a misogynistic fetish shouldn't be more acceptable just because you're a minor.

I also dislike this "tolerance" she's showing towards her son's behavior. One of the things my parents taught me as a girl was the value of shutting the fuck up. He doesn't have to drive people away with his annoying pedantry just because she finds it charming in her husband. More than AGP, I see a whiny mansplainer in his future.

Sexist, selfish, condescending, porn-addicted men with no social skills don't spring from the ground fully formed; they were raised by parents who tolerated or encouraged their bullshit as children. One of the ways of lowering that number is to hold boys to higher behavioral standards and teach them better. A lot of feminist women drop the plot when it comes to their own sons.

[–] notsofreshfeeling 14 points (+14|-0)

Not too long ago, I ran across an article about nerd/geek/dork (I know there are distinctions but... ) culture and how the number one rule is that no one gets ostracized for being different... and how this has translated into a value system concerning trans issues. Does anyone know the article? I would love to find it again.

[–] rad-sage-fem 7 points (+8|-1)

Thanks for sharing, this is so heartbreaking. I cannot believe what we're doing to children.

[–] IronicWolf 6 points (+7|-1)

An autistic child with an obsession/special interest doesn’t have much experience that tells them although this thing is their life now, it quite likely will go away in time.

I think this mother sounds great. She knows her child is a child and while he may be intelligent, knowledgeable and sensible he’s not an adult and still relies on parental guidance and veto. A parent’s job is not to be their child’s friend and do whatever they can to be liked by them; it’s to act in the child’s best interests and provide the best environment they can that supports them into growing to be the best adults they can be. Children don’t always know what’s best for themselves. (Adults don’t always either but that’s a whole other topic).

[–] questioningtw 3 points (+4|-1)

I hope I am just seeing things, and am just a middle aged woman shouting at the clouds, but sometimes I feel that people are just becoming more and more conformist. There are less women dirt bikers because people are riding motorcycles less and less because they are dangerous. There are less nerds, because to be a nerd means you love actual techy stuff as in taking thigs apart and putting them back together. Now technology just does everything for you, and you don't need to be nerdy. I honestly, hope i am wrong about this. I work in a car shop, and pretty much everyone interested in cars is over 35. Young people today are told there is no need to be intereted in them, because hey, they will be driving themselves and everything will be computerized!

I feel like people are becoming obsessed with gender, because their is little to be obsessed about now.

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