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Judge Ray Singh expressed 'real concerns' over releasing Walker, but also said there were issues over continued detention in prison. He said he was taking 'a chance' when giving Walker consecutive three-month sentences for all offences, totalling 15 months - suspending them for two years. Walker will also undergo post-sentence supervision. Walker has been on remand at Durham Prison, but will now leave within the next 24 hours, the court heard.

Seriously? He's a convicted pedophile presently in jail for amongst other things: bomb threats.

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A suspended sentence, wtf. The judge will have the blood of whomever this man kills or maims next on his hands.

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It is so wonderful living in a society where people can sell drugs and get 20 years; but these predators get treated with kids glovesrage

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This person is going to reoffend. I’m so sick of the special treatment these men are getting by pretending to be us.

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they are using female pronouns??? Forreal??? What a disgusting man.